25 soap spoilers: Coronation Street hostage horror, EastEnders Lola crushed by news, Emmerdale Bob explodes, Hollyoaks plot

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Lives are connected nan statement successful different tense week successful soapland, pinch hostages situations and gunshots fired!

Coronation Street sees Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley held at gunpoint successful nan bistro, while a changeable is fired, leaving nan parents successful daze fixed that Sam Blakeman is nearby.

Will everyone make it retired of nan horrifying business alive?

EastEnders, meanwhile, sees Lola Pearce make a large discovery, moving retired that customer Nicole is really her mum, Emma Harding! Emma attempts to explicate herself but Lola’s world is subsequently turned upside down.

Over successful Emmerdale, Bob Hope is shocked to study that Cathy is taking nan pill, and tense scenes are connected nan cards arsenic he confronts her connected nan matter, while Hollyoaks sees Sienna Blake and Ethan Williams subordinate forces pinch Grace Black successful a bid to return down Warren Fox.

Sounds for illustration rather nan week, right?

If you’re hopeless to cognize everything astir soapland adjacent week past you’ve travel to nan correct place, truthful without further ado, here’s 25 awesome spoilers for w/c Monday February 6.


1. Lola is called into Lexi’s schoolhouse pursuing reports that an chartless adult has attacked Lexi’s schoolhouse friend Maisie for picking connected her astir her mum’s health. Fearing that her newfound online beingness is to blame, Lola originates to fearfulness for family’s information – that is, until ‘Nicole’s existent personality is revealed, which turns her world upside down.

2. Emma turns up connected Lola’s doorstep, hopeless to explain. Lola, who is flooded pinch emotion and anemic from her treatment, makes a shocking find astir her past. But conscionable wherever will this time off nan duo? Is location immoderate dream of a relationship?

3. Zack starts his HIV medication, riddled pinch guilt that he hasn’t shared his test pinch Whitney, who is reeling from nan caller news astir baby’s health. Following words of reassurance, Zack convinces Whitney to sojourn nan infirmary for further testing.

4. Suki warns Nish to enactment distant from nan Mitchells, but he ignores her proposal and enlists nan thief of boy Vinny, and together, they shape a scheme to costs warfare connected Phil. Phil, horrified, makes an accusation against Nish. Suki jumps to her husband’s defence, giving him an alibi, but nan Mitchell hard-man retaliates by turning nan Minute Mart upside down, leaving nan Panesars rattled.

5. Linda prepares to look her first Valentine’s Day unsocial since Mick’s disappearance. 

6. Reiss is still suspicious of Sonia’s caller free-spirited lodger, Jed, who proves an instant occurrence pinch nan residents of Walford aft mounting up a organization matter group.

7. Whitney is frantic arsenic she misplaces her scan photograph astatine location earlier breaking down successful beforehand of Chelsea and revealing all. Chelsea comforts Whitney and shares words of proposal from her ain experiences.

Coronation Street

8. Two masked men participate nan bistro and, pointing a weapon astatine Ryan, request that he manus complete nan drugs. Ryan is terrified, while Sam dives nether a array and calls Nick. As he answers, a gunshot tin beryllium heard coming from nan bistro. Nick, Leanne and Damon title into nan bistro. The gunman points his weapon astatine Nick but Damon grabs him.

9. Craig reveals that nan constabulary person arrested 2 men who they fishy to person been nan gunmen. Leanne implores Nick to get free of nan drugs, truthful he calls Damon, who subsequently shows up, retrieving nan drugs, earlier climbing into his car. The constabulary stone up, and Leanne witnesses Craig arresting Damon, who glances up astatine Nick. He’s fuming.

10. Nina becomes incredibly concerned astir Roy, believing that he’s obsessed pinch his mobile phone, which he ne'er stops using. She relays her fears to Carla, earlier yet challenging her uncle to put nan telephone distant and activity nan remainder of his displacement without looking at. But will he beryllium capable to do so?

11. A taxi driver warns Todd that Laurence is not to beryllium trusted. Todd relays this accusation to Sean, who subsequently quizzes his beau astir cab driver Mitch. Laurence claims to person nary hint arsenic to who Mitch is, but Mitch claims that he and Laurence had an affair, and believes Laurence murdered his ain wife!

12. Bernie’s furious to perceive from Chesney that Dev fto her triumph astatine golf. Dev admits she was terrific and nan squad would beryllium fortunate to person her. Dev and Bernie return from nan golfing range.  Gemma assumes Dev fto her triumph again, but Dev concedes that Bernie’s a natural.Bernie tells really nan Ladies’ Captain reckons they’ll waive nan rank interest and connection her a scholarship. Dev does his champion to look pleased for her. 

13. When Sarah admits that she needs to activity precocious again arsenic they’re trying to triumph a large contract, Adam tells her that they request to make clip to talk astir having a baby. Sarah tells him that now isn’t nan correct clip to beryllium reasoning astir a baby. 

14. Peter calls astatine nan mill and tells Carla really he intends to waste and acquisition up his tablet for a motorbike. Peter past calls astatine No.9 pinch nan tablet for Ruby successful speech for immoderate tools.  But erstwhile Ruby discovers nan surface cracked, Tyrone tells him nan woody is off.


15. Paddy makes his excuses erstwhile Bear sets him up connected a date. Chas, meanwhile, is taken aback erstwhile she overhears him bragging astir being single, and truthful she flirtatiously banters pinch Kev nan drayman, leaving him hurt. Chas doesn’t extremity there, trying to wounded mediocre Paddy again by giving him what for, claiming that his behaviour is controlling.

16. Mandy clocks a bereft Paddy aft his speech pinch Chas and offers him a enarthrosis to outcry on. Paddy is struck by her words of comfortableness and, realising that she knows precisely really he’s feeling, they unfastened a vessel of vino and reminisce astir days gone by, earlier yet locking eyes.

17. Mackenzie decides to show Charity astir nan babe but Chloe begs him to reconsider. Little do they know, however, that Sarah has overheard. Mackenzie and Chloe hole to spill nan beans but Sarah comes stumbling down nan stairs, struggling to breathe. An ambulance is summoned, arsenic Mack supports Charity, who reveals that she’s worried astir Sarah’s life-expectancy. The expert later approaches pinch news.

18. Brenda reveals to Bob that Cathy has been taking nan pill. Bob is upset astir being kept successful nan acheronian and subsequently quizzes his daughter, who is near mortified and frankincense bursts into a fresh of rage, arsenic she orders her statement guests to leave.

19. Naomi is wished to thief Ethan arsenic he continues to look problems pinch Greg, who is trying to discredit his complaint. The cook travel up pinch an idea, utilizing Nate arsenic bait, catching Greg’s oculus astatine nan bar. With his telephone recording, Nate flirts pinch Greg, hoping to honeytrap him. But will it work?

20. Samson’s intrigued arsenic he learns done gossiping Brenda that Noah’s spot money is being transferred complete to an relationship for babe Esther.


21. Tony and Diane person a heartfelt speech wherever he admits he was worried that nan siege mightiness origin her PTSD aliases trigger her OCD and she reassures him that if she needs to speak to anyone it’ll be him she turns to.

22. Vicky’s mum Caitlin arrives astatine nan infirmary and is furious pinch Scott, not believing he took bully care of her daughter. Caitlin unleashes her anger towards Scott telling him he’s not fresh to beryllium a foster genitor and she’s going to make judge he’s ne'er capable to foster a kid again.

23. Ste and James instrumentality Peri and Juliet into going to a couples’ meditation people astatine nan gym. This backfires on nan 2 men erstwhile they besides person to return part.

24. Ethan, Sienna and Grace travel up pinch a scheme to get free of Warren and his mum. Sienna goes to visit him to works a camera successful his house, saying she’s location to apologise. To propulsion him disconnected nan scent, she kisses him pinch Ethan watching backmost astatine home. Sienna tries to reassure her existent person that it was only a buss to support up pretences.

25. Believing nan begetter of her kids won’t wounded her aliases them, Sienna asks Ethan to move successful pinch them arsenic a means to protect him. But erstwhile a furious Warren finds out, things get beingness betwixt him and his ex’s caller partner. P.C Sam steps successful and threatens Warren pinch nan afloat unit of nan rule if he doesn’t leave his uncle alone, but will he listen?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays astatine 8pm connected ITV. EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays astatine 7:30pm connected BBC One. Emmerdale airs Mondays to Fridays astatine 7:30pm connected ITV. Hollyoaks airs Mondays to Fridays astatine 7pm connected E4, pinch first look episodes regular connected All4.

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