6 Different Ways to Open Programs on Windows

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Programs are nan backbone of immoderate Windows machine. Here are each nan ways to unfastened them.

A Windows 10 laptop

Launching programs connected Windows is simply a basal task, and there's a bully chance you already cognize really to do it. However, if you're tired of utilizing nan aforesaid method and want to observe caller ways to unfastened your apps, this guideline is for you.

In this post, we'll locomotion you done each nan different ways to unfastened apps and programs connected Windows.

One of nan simplest ways to unfastened programs successful Windows is via nan hunt menu. So, let’s commencement pinch that.

  1. Click nan magnifying icon connected nan taskbar aliases usage nan Win + S keyboard shortcut to entree nan hunt menu.
  2. Type nan sanction of nan app aliases programme you want to unfastened successful nan matter container and property Enter.
    Open Apps and Programs Using Start Menu

2. Open Apps and Programs Using Its EXE File

Open Apps and Programs Using Desktop Shortcuts

When you instal an app aliases programme connected Windows, it often adds a shortcut to nan EXE record connected your desktop. This allows you to motorboat nan app aliases programme by double-clicking nan shortcut.

If nan desktop shortcut isn't available, you tin find wherever nan programme is installed connected Windows and double-click connected its EXE record to unfastened it.

Another speedy measurement to unfastened apps and programs successful Windows is done nan Run dialog box. To do so, property Win + R to unfastened nan Run dialog, type nan bid for your app, and past property Enter.

For instance, if you were to unfastened Paint, you'd type mspaint.exe successful nan Run dialog container and property Enter. Similarly, to unfastened Chrome, you tin type chrome.exe successful nan Run dialog box.

Open Apps and Programs Using Run Dialog

4. How to Open Programs via Task Manager

Aside from managing strategy processes and services, Task Manager is besides useful for launching apps and programs connected Windows. Let’s spot how.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc connected your keyboard aliases usage 1 of the galore ways to unfastened Task Manager connected Windows.
  2. Click nan Run caller task fastener astatine nan top.
  3. Enter nan applicable bid successful nan matter field. For instance, if you were to unfastened Microsoft Outlook, you'd type outlook successful nan matter box.
  4. Click OK.
    Open Apps and Programs Using Windows Task Manager

5. Open Apps and Programs via Command Prompt

Command Prompt is simply a useful inferior successful Windows that allows you to automate tasks, troubleshoot system files, and execute different administrative functions. But did you cognize you could besides usage it to motorboat apps connected Windows? We'll show you how.

  1. Right-click nan Start icon aliases property Win + X to unfastened nan Power User menu.
  2. Select Terminal from nan list.
  3. Type cd <file path> successful nan Command Prompt window, and deed Enter to navigate to nan files that contains nan app you want to launch. Make judge you switch <file path> pinch nan existent way of nan program.
  4. Type start <filename.exe> and deed Enter to motorboat nan app.
    Open Apps and Programs Using Command Prompt

6. How to Open Programs With Keyboard Shortcuts

Don't want to usage your rodent each clip you want to motorboat an app? Why not delegate a keyboard shortcut to it? This way, you tin unfastened your favourite app pinch a fewer keystrokes.

Here's really you tin assign a keyboard shortcut to an app aliases programme connected Windows.

  1. Right-click nan app shortcut and prime Properties.
  2. Switch to nan Shortcut tab.
  3. Click nan Shortcut key section and property nan cardinal operation you want to assign.
  4. Hit Apply followed by OK.
    Open Apps and Programs Using Keyboard Shortcuts

After that, you tin quickly motorboat nan app aliases programme by pressing nan assigned cardinal combination.

The Many Ways to Open Apps and Programs connected Windows

As we conscionable saw, accessing your apps and programs connected Windows is easy nary matter which method you use. Pick nan 1 that makes nan astir consciousness to you and your workflow and person an easier clip uncovering your programs connected Windows.

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