6 Visual Ways to Get Your Ideas Across Using Apple's Freeform App

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Freeform is Apple's whiteboard application, which comes pinch macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. With it, you tin adhd images, text, drawings connected much to a ample blank canvas. This makes Freeform an fantabulous instrumentality for visually getting your ideas crossed to different people.

We'll locomotion you done immoderate different ways to do conscionable that. But first, let's look astatine nan basics of utilizing Freeform.

Freeform Basics

Most of nan examples we'll spell complete beneath will usage thing much than 2 basal devices successful Freeform: shapes and text. Both of these are recovered astatine nan apical of nan application.

The style instrumentality allows you to create basal shapes. You tin resistance a shape's area to resize it and pat aliases click connected it to move it astir nan screen. You tin moreover alteration nan colour aliases adhd matter to it. You tin besides usage nan style instrumentality to create lines and arrows of various thicknesses and colors.

The freeform app pinch nan style instrumentality selected.

The matter instrumentality will unfastened a matter window. Simply click aliases pat into nan model and commencement typing to participate text. The matter container will besides let you to format your matter while entering it, aliases you whitethorn do truthful later.

The freeform exertion pinch its matter instrumentality highlighted.

Now that you person immoderate basal devices astatine your disposal, let's look astatine ways to put them to usage and stock your ideas. If you don't consciousness fresh yet, return a look astatine our overview of Freeform earlier continuing.

1. Use a Diagram

Diagrams usage symbols to correspond accusation successful a ocular way. They tin beryllium utilized to show really elemental aliases analyzable objects fresh together aliases subordinate to 1 another. Freeform allows you to driblet a photograph aliases drafting onto its canvas, which you tin past explanation utilizing nan matter tool. In our example, we've dropped successful a bosom schematic from nan internet, and added lines and matter to annotate it.

A sketch of nan quality bosom showing each of its various parts successful Freeform.

Lines tin beryllium moved astir nan committee by dragging nan ends. Using these basal devices you tin create a sketch that could beryllium utilized for immoderate number of reasons, specified arsenic a descent successful a presentation, helping you create an impactful PowerPoint presentation.

2. Use a Flowchart

Although astir flowcharts show a bid of questions aliases processes, you tin usage a flowchart to show nan way that thing will return to get from 1 constituent to another. This could see nan projected timeline of a task aliases nan awesome way successful a machine network. You mightiness usage this method to representation nan spot bid of components successful a location stereo strategy aliases show really components of a package programme activity together.

In our example, we've created a flowchart of a location network.

A flowchart of a location web pinch a gateway, a router, 4 desktop computers, an iPhone, and a laptop.

Freeform allows you to quickly artifact retired a flowchart utilizing its in-app shapes and text. This is peculiarly easy because Freeform gives you overmuch much than basal shapes. If you scroll down successful nan style container you'll find a wide array of useful icons and symbols. Everything successful our illustration was created utilizing Freeform icons successful nan style tool.

If you can't find what you're looking for wrong nan application, you tin resistance and driblet almost immoderate schematic onto your board.

3. Use a Plot aliases Floor Plan

Sometimes you will want to show really items subordinate to 1 different successful a beingness space. You whitethorn want to show your gardener nan bid and placement of flowers successful a flowerbed. You whitethorn want to spot really your caller furnishings mightiness fresh successful your surviving space. These types of ideas are champion represented by a crippled aliases a level plan.

A crippled showing a surviving room and its furnishings including a wall unit, a sofa, and a table.

Although not to scale, this elemental surviving room level scheme tin beryllium done successful nether 5 minutes utilizing Freeform's basal shapes, but you tin create much elaborate land by utilizing clipart aliases existent photos.

4. Use a Schematic

Freeform is nan cleanable level to usage for designers. Whether you're a hobbyist aliases a master engineer, Freeform gives you nan devices to nutrient a schematic of immoderate size quickly. Our illustration beneath was created utilizing thing but Freeform's basal shapes, but you tin besides resistance and driblet readily disposable clipart from nan net into your mechanical drawings for greater detail.

A schematic showing a speaker crossover web designed successful Freeform.

One of nan astir useful aspects of Freeform is its infinite canvas. As your creation grows, truthful will your canvas. You will ne'er tally retired of room successful Freeform. Your existent canvas size will not beryllium defined until you determine to people it.

5. Use a Graph

A chart tin beryllium a elemental yet highly effective measurement to show data, highlighting imaginable trends. All types of graphs tin beryllium created utilizing nan built-in shapes successful Freeform, but it's easiest to create barroom graphs. You tin do this utilizing nan style tool.

A barroom style chart for search income done utilizing Freeform.

Just beryllium judge to show nan Grid to thief you statement up your bars to nan scales and correspond your information accurately. This mightiness not beryllium arsenic speedy arsenic utilizing Excel aliases Numbers to create a graph, but you do get overmuch much state successful nan measurement you coming your information.

6. Just Draw

We've conscionable explored immoderate method sides of Freeform, but we would beryllium remiss If we didn't constituent retired that Freeform is simply a very tin exertion for drafting arsenic well. There are times erstwhile you simply want to definitive yourself successful a purely artistic, non-technical way, and Freeform is awesome for that. Sometimes nan champion measurement to get an thought crossed is to conscionable tie it. A elemental sketch tin quickly convey a constituent that mightiness different beryllium difficult to articulate.

A freehand sketch of a surviving room level scheme done successful Freeform connected an iPad.

This is wherever Freeform really shines connected nan iPad and iPhone acknowledgment to nan usage of touchscreens. It's a earthy app for nan Apple Pencil, which allows you to people tie aliases sketch immoderate you request to successful bid to definitive your ideas.

Sharing Your Idea

Once you've created an thought utilizing Freeform you're going to request a measurement to stock that pinch different person. If you aren't successful nan aforesaid room, nan easiest measurement to do that is utilizing nan Share button. After you pat that, you tin induce a personification aliases group to position your canvas and collaborate connected your idea.

If you want to stock your thought pinch a non-Apple user, though, you'll request to export it arsenic a PDF aliases return a screenshot instead.

Express Your Ideas With Freeform

The unfastened creation of Freeform makes it easy to visually definitive your ideas and stock them pinch different people. You tin usage this to collaborate pinch a landscaper connected nan scheme for your garden, activity pinch your spouse connected a location DIY project, aliases complete galore different projects. Freeform makes it truthful easy to whip up diagrams, schematics, and different visuals aids, you’ll beryllium creating useful graphics successful nary time, sloppy of your creator ability.

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