6 Ways Technology Can Help You Manage Diabetes

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Managing your glucosuria is important to debar nan risks of immoderate beautiful gnarly broadside effects, from emotion tally down and sluggish to overmuch much superior conditions. The champion attack to managing glucosuria is simply a operation of diet, exercise, and medication. At nan aforesaid time, various pieces of tech tin thief you show humor sugar, scheme meals, and supply your assemblage pinch insulin.

While utilizing these apps won't consequence successful you being capable to eat an unrestricted diet, utilizing them to thief you negociate your glucosuria will thief you unrecorded a agelong and patient life. Check retired immoderate of nan astir beneficial ways that exertion tin beryllium utilized to negociate diabetes.

1. Smart Insulin Pens

InPen hardware and package image

A smart insulin pen is simply a handheld instrumentality utilized to present insulin to individuals pinch diabetes. These devices are equipped pinch a mini machine spot and a sensor that tin way and show nan insulin dosage and timing of nan injections. Smart insulin pens tin let you to amended show and power your humor sweetener levels. This tin thief forestall complications specified arsenic hypoglycemia (low humor sugar) and hyperglycemia (high humor sugar).

For example, nan Medtronic InPen is simply a reusable smart insulin pen that includes Bluetooth connectivity, which allows nan pen to pass pinch a companion app. Through nan app, you tin return nan guesswork retired of dosage amounts to guarantee you ne'er tally debased connected insulin. It besides provides dose reminders, offers carb-counting support, and includes a integer logbook that you tin stock pinch your healthcare provider.

Other smart insulin devices characteristic a mini LCD surface that displays accusation specified arsenic nan insulin dosage, clip since nan past injection, and artillery level. You don't person to complaint nan InPen, and its artillery should past 1 twelvemonth from nan clip you brace it to your smartphone, according to nan Medtronic support page.

2. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems are aesculapian devices that are utilized to continuously show and way your glucose levels. A GCM strategy consists of a mini sensor inserted conscionable nether nan skin, typically connected nan abdomen, and a transmitter that sends nan glucose information to a mobile app aliases show device. For example, nan Dexcom G6 measures nan glucose levels successful nan interstitial fluid nether your tegument and sends nan information to nan G6's companion app.

CGM systems for illustration this tin alert you erstwhile your glucose levels are excessively precocious aliases excessively low, and tin besides group alarms for circumstantial glucose level values. They let you to person a amended knowing of your glucose levels passim nan time and night. With nan built-in alert function, these devices tin punctual you erstwhile to return action to bring your glucose level backmost to a safe range, reducing nan likelihood that you'll suffer nan effects of hypoglycemia.

What's more, nan humanities information stored connected CGM apps tin besides thief you place patterns and trends successful glucose levels, which tin beryllium utilized to set your curen scheme and lifestyle.

3. Smart Insulin Pumps

An insulin pump is simply a mini aesculapian instrumentality that is worn connected your body, usually connected your waist aliases precocious arm. The pump contains a reservoir of insulin and a mini machine that controls nan transportation of insulin done a mini conduit (catheter) that is inserted nether your skin.

There are various devices connected nan marketplace that service this purpose, specified arsenic nan Omnipod, which delivers a constant, debased dose of insulin (basal rate) passim nan day. This helps to support humor sweetener levels unchangeable betwixt meals and overnight.

They tin besides present a larger, circumstantial magnitude of insulin (bolus) astatine repast times, which helps to little precocious humor sweetener levels aft eating. Some pumps tin moreover cipher nan magnitude of insulin that is still progressive successful your assemblage and set nan bolus doses accordingly to debar stacking of insulin. Insulin pumps tin amended wellbeing by providing a much precise and elastic measurement to present insulin and forestall hypoglycemic events.

4. Mobile Apps

There are galore mobile apps for search humor sweetener levels, insulin doses, exercise, and different important factors that effect your glucosuria management. Some apps tin besides supply you pinch personalized recommendations for managing your glucosuria based connected your circumstantial needs.

For example, nan mySugr app lets you log your medicines, meals, and different data. All you request to do is adhd information each clip you do immoderate diabetes-related activity, for illustration checking your humor sweetener level. Rest assured, nan app besides includes reminders to cheque humor sweetener successful lawsuit you thin to forget!

Download: MySugr for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

5. Digital Meal Planning

There are galore resources and apps for cooking diabetic-friendly meals, which tin consequence successful you consuming less carbohydrates. This tin beryllium adjuvant for group pinch glucosuria because it tin thief you amended negociate your humor sweetener levels.

For example, Diabetic Foodie is simply a website focused connected maintaining a low-carb and low-sodium fare without compromising connected taste. You'll find 2 main sections connected nan website: Recipes and Special Diets. Under Recipes you'll find what you expect—instructions for everything from main courses to desserts. Under Special Diets, you'll find gluten-free and vegan recipes.

All recipes astatine Diabetic Foodie travel nan guidelines group by American Diabetes Association.

6. Wearable Fitness Trackers

Many wearable fittingness trackers tin way your beingness activity, bosom rate, and slumber patterns. This accusation tin beryllium particularly useful for group pinch diabetes, arsenic regular beingness activity and getting capable slumber tin thief you amended negociate your humor sweetener levels.

Some smartwatches are moreover tin of connecting to different devices, specified arsenic glucose monitors and insulin pumps. The Samsung Galaxy Watch's BioActive Sensor combines 3 wellness sensors: optical bosom rate, electrical bosom signal, and bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Managing Diabetes With Technology

Managing glucosuria is important to debar emotion tally down and different superior complications. A operation of diet, exercise, and medicine tin thief negociate glucosuria effectively. Meanwhile, smart insulin pens, CGM systems, and insulin pumps are immoderate examples of really exertion tin thief you support way of your humor sweetener levels and supply you pinch alerts and reminders to thief you negociate your glucosuria much effectively.

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