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Whether you are going connected a travel aliases conscionable request a measurement to support your medications straight, a recreation pill lawsuit tin help. “They support you organized truthful you tin much easy retrieve to return your medications arsenic prescribed each day,” says Dr. Karla Robinson, a board-certified family expert and aesculapian editor astatine GoodRx.  “They tin besides thief you support way of medicine you’ve already taken for nan day, to forestall taking other doses by mistake.” 

Travel pill cases aliases organizers tin particularly beryllium adjuvant connected a travel because they are easier to battalion than aggregate pill bottles, says Robinson. Don’t return medicine medication? They tin besides beryllium utilized for supplements and vitamins. 

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How we picked nan champion recreation pill cases

The correct recreation pill lawsuit for you will person to do pinch your circumstantial needs. However, nan experts we said pinch did opportunity location are immoderate cosmopolitan things that everyone should look for. Those characteristics include: 

  • Delineated compartments: Most recreation pill cases travel pinch different areas to clasp astatine slightest a week’s worthy of medicine and our experts urge paying adjacent attraction to nan measurement those compartments are situated. Look for intelligibly delineated compartments for each time if you return medicine erstwhile a time aliases capable compartments for aggregate times of time (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) if you return things astatine different times complete 24 hours, says Alice Benjamin, a caregiver practitioner and laminitis of nan manner website Ask Nurse Alice. 
  • Closing mechanism: If you scheme connected walking pinch your pill case, chances are it whitethorn get jostled astir your suitcase. “Ensure your pill lawsuit has a unafraid closure system to forestall accidental spills aliases openings, which could lead to medicine mix-ups,” says Benjamin. “And if you person mini children aliases pets astatine home, a pill lawsuit pinch a child-resistant aliases unafraid locking system is important for safety.”
  • Clear labeling: “For group pinch ocular impairments, larger markings, clear labeling aliases high-contrast creation tin beryllium very helpful,” says Benjamin. “Some pill cases moreover person braille aliases raised matter for tactile identification.” Even if you don’t person ocular impairments, clear labeling tin make it speedy and easy to drawback nan medicine you request and go.

The champion recreation pill cases of 2023

We consulted pinch aesculapian professionals astir what to look for erstwhile shopping for a recreation pill case. Then, utilizing their guidance, we rounded up highly rated options from apical retailers. 

Auvon Weekly Pill Organizer

Auvon Weekly Pill Organizer

This lawsuit stores up to 7 days’ worthy of medicine and each compartment has a different colored lid and is branded pinch nan time of nan week. Each compartment tin clasp up to 12 ample vitamins and nan lids enactment firmly unopen until you push nan fastener to unfastened them, according to nan brand. Because this lawsuit has 1 ample compartment for each day, it’s champion for group who return each their pills astatine nan aforesaid clip of day. This action has a 4.8-star mean from complete 47,800 reviews connected Amazon.

Zannaki Metal Travel Pill Organizer 

Zannaki Metal Travel Pill Organizer

This aluminum pill organizer is made up of 7 compartments that screw together to shape a larger alloy that’s shaped like, well, a large pill. Each compartment is branded pinch nan time of nan week and tin clasp up to 8 food lipid pills aliases 16 ample vitamins, according to nan brand. When closed, nan compartments are airtight and support retired moisture, according to Zannaki. This pill organizer has a 4.5-star mean from complete 1,350 reviews connected Amazon and comes successful six colors — including matte pink, ice blue and midnight black.

Zoksi Weekly Pill Organizer

Zoksi Weekly Pill Organizer

If you request to return medicine aliases supplements successful nan greeting and past again astatine night, this pill organizer whitethorn beryllium a bully action for you. Inside a larger container that locks unopen pinch a integrative clasp sits 7 smaller containers that each person 2 compartments. Each instrumentality comes successful a different rainbow hue and is branded pinch a time of nan week connected nan side. When pulled retired and laid flat, each instrumentality is divided down nan mediate and tin beryllium opened connected either side.You tin return nan larger instrumentality if you will beryllium distant for a week aliases tin conscionable prime a fewer of nan smaller containers if you are taking a shorter trip. This pill organizer has a 4.8-star mean from complete 8,600 reviews connected Amazon. 

Koviuu Weekly Pill Organizer

Koviuu Weekly Pill Organizer

My hubby precocious bought this to support his regular vitamins and supplements successful and I emotion really chic it looks sitting connected our bath counter. Made from BPA-free plastic, location are 7 individual canisters (each branded pinch a time of nan week) that slot into a larger instrumentality to support them each together and secure. Each canister is shaped for illustration a skinny conduit and tin beryllium opened from either end. Inside, location is simply a divider. So, you tin put your greeting medicine successful nan apical and your evening medications successful nan bottom. The larger instrumentality everything fits successful has a rotating handle. When closed, it keeps nan canisters locked successful spot and erstwhile opened, it props up nan instrumentality astatine an perspective truthful you tin easy spot your canisters. 

Ezy Dose Push Button Pill Case 

Ezy Dose Push Button Pill Case

Made for group who return medications doubly a day, this pill lawsuit has 2 removable trays. Each 1 has 7 compartments branded pinch nan time of nan week and 1 tray has moons connected each compartment to denote nan medicine you return astatine night, while nan different has suns for nan medicine you return successful nan morning. Each compartment has a push fastener that opens it and tin fresh up to 60 Aspirin, according to nan brand. This pill lawsuit has a 4.6-star mean from complete 89,000 reviews connected Amazon.

Mossime 2-Pack Weekly Large Pill Organizer

Mossime 2-Pack Weekly Large Pill Organizer

If you request to beryllium capable to recreation pinch 2 weeks’ worthy of medications aliases want to bargain a one-week organizer for some you and your important other, this two-pack is for you. For nether $10, you get 2 abstracted pill cases that person 7 abstracted compartments, each marked pinch a time of nan week. Each instrumentality is simply a different color, making it easy to differentiate them. The compartments tin each clasp up to 8 ample supplements and nan lids threat closed, according to nan brand. This two-pack has a 4.6-star mean from 2,900 reviews connected Amazon.

Med-E-Lert Premium Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

Med-E-Lert Premium Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

Benjamin recommends a locking pill lawsuit for anyone pinch children and says choosing 1 pinch an siren tin beryllium adjuvant for those who thin to hide to return their medication. This pill lawsuit delivers connected some fronts. This pill organizer has 28 compartments, which equates to 4 weeks worthy of once-a-day doses aliases 2 weeks worthy of twice-a-day doses. You tin programme up to six alarms and group it truthful that erstwhile nan siren goes off, only nan medicine you are expected to return astatine that clip is accessible. In betwixt uses, you tin fastener nan lawsuit pinch a key. This lawsuit has a 4.3-star mean from complete 3,200 reviews connected Amazon. 

Questions to inquire yourself erstwhile shopping for a recreation pill case

Shopping for a recreation pill lawsuit is highly personal, arsenic everyone has different needs erstwhile it comes to medications and supplements. To guarantee you prime a recreation pill lawsuit champion suited for you, experts urge asking yourself these questions. 

What are your retention needs?

If you return only a fewer pills a day, you whitethorn beryllium good pinch a smaller case. If you return much medicine aliases request to return things astatine different times of nan day, a larger action pinch much compartments will service you better. “That said, if you are traveling, I ever urge packing much than you will technically need,” says Robinson. “That measurement you are covered if thing happens.” With this successful mind, selecting thing that will fresh a spot much than you deliberation you’ll request is wise.

How will you beryllium utilizing your pill case? 

Will you only beryllium utilizing your pill lawsuit erstwhile you travel? Or do you want thing to put connected your antagonistic astatine location truthful your pills are organized and easy to remember? This whitethorn power your choice. If you are conscionable throwing it successful a suitcase, you whitethorn not request to interest astir aesthetics arsenic much. But if it will beryllium sitting retired connected your counter, see thing that you won’t mind looking astatine each day. 

Are your medications light-sensitive? 

The potency of immoderate medications tin beryllium impacted if they are exposed to moisture and light, says Benjamin. Since bathrooms tin get humid acknowledgment to basking showers, you want a pill lawsuit that closes tightly truthful your medications aren’t exposed to that humid air. If you are taking a medicine that shouldn’t beryllium exposed to light, you’ll want to look for an opaque aliases darkly tinted pill case. In position of maintaining nan integrity of your medications, washing your pill lawsuit pinch soap and h2o regularly is besides important — it ensures you aren’t transferring germs aliases residue to caller medicine you adhd successful there, says Robinson.

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  • Dr. Karla Robinson is a board-certified family expert and aesculapian editor astatine GoodRx. 
  • Alice Benjamin is simply a caregiver practitioner and laminitis of nan manner website Ask Nurse Alice.

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