8 Common Apple Music Issues and How to Fix Them

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Whether you want to perceive to your favourite euphony aliases download songs from Apple Music, you're bound to tally into problems now and then. However, location could beryllium various reasons why you're experiencing a circumstantial rumor successful nan first place.

We've compiled a database of nan astir communal Apple Music problems and immoderate troubleshooting tips to thief you hole them.

1. Apple Music Is Not Loading

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Sometimes, it's imaginable that Apple Music won't load anything. When this happens, successful astir cases, nan problem is caused by a faulty net relationship aliases Apple Music's servers.

You tin usage immoderate websites to cheque your net speed, and if it's slow, it's champion to hold for a bully net relationship and fto Apple Music load correctly.

If your net relationship is flawless, you should cheque to spot if Apple Music's servers are operational. You tin cheque this by visiting Apple's System Status website and Downdetector.

2. Apple Music Keeps Crashing

If Apple Music keeps crashing connected your device, it's astir apt a package bug. You tin hole specified issues successful a fewer elemental ways. The first and foremost point you request to do is restart Apple Music connected your device, which should hole it immediately.

Alternatively, you tin restart your iPhone aliases update your instrumentality and nan Apple Music app to its latest version. If you're an Android device, effort logging retired and logging successful backmost pinch your Apple ID.

3. Apple Music Doesn't Play Songs connected Android

Apple Music connected Android is acold from perfect, and it received mixed reactions erstwhile it launched. One of nan important problems Android users look is that Apple Music doesn't play immoderate songs.

To hole this problem, you should first effort clearing nan cache of your Android device. If that doesn't work, effort restarting your Android phone.

4. Songs Aren't Available connected Apple Music

If immoderate of nan songs grey retired aliases opportunity nan point isn't available, it's astir apt that nan song/album sewage removed from your country. In specified a case, you can't do thing until and unless nan opus becomes disposable again.

If nan opus is really available, and you can't entree it, it mightiness beryllium an rumor pinch nan iCloud room syncing. To hole it connected your iPhone, spell to Settings > Music, move disconnected nan Sync Library option, and pat Turn Off for confirmation. Wait 30 seconds, move it connected again, and cheque whether nan opus is available.

5. Apple Music Won’t Download Any Songs

Before you commencement trying to lick this issue, make judge you person nan correct Apple Music plan. At nan clip of writing, Apple Music Voice is nan only subscription scheme that doesn't fto you download songs to your device. If that's nan scheme you're using, past you won't beryllium capable to download immoderate songs until you subscribe to a different Apple Music scheme that's champion suited for you.

If your subscription isn't nan problem, location could beryllium 2 superior reasons why Apple Music isn't downloading immoderate of your songs: mediocre net relationship aliases retention space. First, cheque that your net relationship is beardown capable to download songs.

If your net relationship is okay, cheque whether your telephone has capable storage. If not, you'll request to create free abstraction connected your iPhone and effort downloading songs again. Also, disable nan Optimize Storage action by going into Settings > Music.

If, aft each that, you still can't download immoderate songs, region and adhd nan songs to a different playlist and download nan full playlist, which should work.

6. Your Library Isn't Loading

If your Apple Music room isn't showing up connected your device, nan problem mightiness beryllium a anemic connection. Once connected to a beardown net connection, adjacent and re-open Apple Music connected your device.

You mightiness besides look this rumor if you've precocious updated your instrumentality aliases restored a backup. So it's champion to hold a fewer hours earlier iCloud downloads everything to your phone.

If it doesn't hole moreover aft a fewer hours, reset nan web settings of your iPhone, which tin lick almost each kinds of Apple Music problems.

7. Apple Music Library Isn’t Syncing aliases Suddenly Disappears

It mightiness beryllium astonishing to spot your Apple Music room vanish aliases doesn't sync pinch iCloud, but that mightiness hap if you move disconnected Sync Library.

In this case, spell to Settings > Music and alteration Sync Library. You tin besides effort downloading nan songs manually again aliases re-install nan app if you are connected an Android device.

8. Apple Music Keeps Deleting Downloaded Songs

You whitethorn deliberation that Apple Music deleting immoderate of your downloaded songs is simply a mistake, but nan app does it intentionally. If your iPhone is moving retired of space, Apple Music will delete songs you haven't listened to successful a while to prevention immoderate storage.

You tin hole this by going to Settings > Music > Optimize Storage and turning disconnected nan toggle adjacent to Optimize Storage. It'll extremity Apple Music from deleting downloaded songs.

Is Apple Music Working Again for You?

Based connected our research, these were immoderate of nan astir communal issues group person pinch Apple Music. However, we dream you were capable to hole them by pursuing nan elemental troubleshooting tips mentioned above. After that, you tin commencement listening to your favourite songs again.

After fixing these issues, Apple Music will inquire you to subscribe to its subscription. However, location are a fewer ways to debar it and get Apple Music for free.

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