8 Reasons Not to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is yet here, and we couldn't beryllium much excited. Given nan occurrence of nan Galaxy S22 Ultra, we're eager to spot really its successor improves connected its champion qualities.

However, earlier you property nan bargain button, statement that nan instrumentality does person immoderate drawbacks that you should see to make a much informed acquisition decision. Here are nan apical 8 reasons you shouldn't bargain nan Galaxy S23 Ultra.

1. Price Hike Outside nan US

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra each colour options Image Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy S23 Ultra costs nan aforesaid arsenic its predecessor successful nan US, starting astatine $1199. However, nan instrumentality is much costly than past clip successful different regions—presumably owed to ostentation and an summation successful nan costs of manufacturing.

We deliberation nan logic Samsung hasn't accrued nan value successful nan US is to debar having buyers deliberation that nan instrumentality is overpriced against nan iPhone 14 Pro Max which starts astatine $1099. After all, nan US is Samsung's superior market.

If you unrecorded elsewhere, you'll person to salary much for nan aforesaid product. Some regions don't moreover get pre-order gifts specified arsenic free Galaxy Buds aliases Galaxy Watch which adds reproach to injury.

In Samsung's defense, nan instrumentality comes pinch 256GB of guidelines retention alternatively of 128GB, truthful it's not technically a value hike since you're getting much retention for nan higher price. Still, not having nan action to take a cheaper exemplary sucks.

Find retired how overmuch to walk connected a smartphone if you request thief deciding.

2. It's Almost Identical successful Design to nan S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Lavender color Image Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy S23 Ultra looks almost identical to its predecessor which is some a bully and a bad thing. It's a bully point because nan creation is so beautiful, but it's a bad point because there's thing caller aliases unsocial to admit astir nan newer model.

You could reason that iPhones each look nan aforesaid too, truthful it's not really a large deal. While that's true, we can't thief but outline nan truth that having nan aforesaid creation does wounded nan device's notability and brag factor, particularly for group who attraction astir that benignant of stuff. Thankfully, nan caller colour options do soften nan rustle a bit.

3. Battery Life Might Not Be nan Best

When comparing Galaxy S and Galaxy A series, we recovered that nan erstwhile doesn't connection importantly amended artillery life contempt costing a batch more. Part of nan logic for that is nan S Pen silo wrong nan S23 Ultra that takes up a sizeable magnitude of room that could different beryllium utilized to fresh a bigger battery.

If having much artillery life is your main priority, see nan iPhone 14 Pro Max, Red Magic 8 Pro, aliases moreover a mid-range Galaxy A bid phone, astatine slightest until we've sewage artillery trial results for nan S23 Ultra.

4. The S Pen Is Not Necessary for Most People

Ejecting S Pen retired of nan Galaxy S22 Ultra Image Credit: Samsung

Last year, Samsung decided to merge nan Galaxy Note bid and nan Galaxy S bid fixed nan expanding similarities betwixt nan two. This made nan Galaxy S22 Ultra nan first Galaxy S telephone pinch a built-in S Pen stylus.

Although nan S Pen has immoderate nifty features and is cool to have, it's not basal for astir people. At its core, your telephone is simply a portal to your favourite apps, and astir apps aren't designed to return advantage of a stylus.

Having a built-in stylus only makes consciousness for group who create artwork, motion documents, aliases return notes connected their phones regularly. If that's not you, see buying nan regular Galaxy S23 alternatively since it's a batch cheaper.

5. It's Big and Boxy

The Galaxy S22 Ultra was already uncomfortable to clasp owed to its large size and boxy design, and nan S23 Ultra is nary different. We usage our phones each day, and complete time, nan inconvenience of having to clasp and transportation a telephone this large becomes progressively apparent.

Also, let's not hide that astir group put a lawsuit and surface protector connected their telephone which increases nan thickness moreover more. If you person smaller hands, that's different logic to see getting nan guidelines Galaxy S23 aliases S23+ instead.

6. Some Flagship Features are Overhyped

Galaxy S23 Ultra video recording Image Credit: Samsung

Part of what you're paying for erstwhile you bargain an costly flagship is nan novelty of being capable to usage premium features. But a batch of these features are overhyped and don't really amended your personification acquisition successful immoderate meaningful way.

For instance, Samsung loves bragging astir its 8K video signaling capability, but it's frankly unnecessary because astir group can't show nan quality betwixt 4K video and 8K video.

Similarly, utilizing nan 200MP solution not only takes up a batch much retention abstraction but besides greatly increases shutter lag, truthful you can't seizure moving objects easily. And don't hide that societal media and messaging apps compress your photos, truthful nan different personification won't beryllium capable to admit your high-res shots anyway.

7. It Has Identical Charging Speeds to nan S22 Ultra

While nan artillery life whitethorn spot a flimsy betterment owed to nan caller chip, nan Galaxy S23 Ultra still supports nan aforesaid charging velocity of 45W. In a clip erstwhile different Android manufacturers are offering 100W charging aliases higher, Samsung remains infuriatingly conservative.

You besides don't get a charger successful nan container conscionable for illustration past time. Bummer.

8. Samsung Phones Don't Retain Value arsenic Well arsenic iPhones

The unfortunate consequence of buying a Samsung phone, mid-range aliases flagship, is that it will suffer almost a 3rd of its marketplace worth wrong a fewer months of you owning it. In comparison, iPhones clasp their worth really good and are truthful much economical if you're readying to waste your telephone aft a fewer years.

To springiness Samsung immoderate credit, nan institution does connection bully worth erstwhile you trade successful your aged Galaxy phone.

The S23 Ultra Is Great, but Not Perfect

Now that you person a clearer thought of nan drawbacks of nan Galaxy S23 Ultra, you tin determine if nan instrumentality still seems worthy it. In immoderate case, you will get a amended woody if you unrecorded successful nan US and had already reserved nan telephone earlier motorboat and received a $50 in-store credit. If you tin get a free pre-order connection specified arsenic other retention aliases Galaxy Buds, that's moreover better.

In our opinion, if you already ain nan S22 Ultra, you should astir apt skip nan S23 Ultra. Granted, it has a amended spot and an improved camera system, but nan instrumentality is much of a refinement alternatively than a revolution. But if you ain a overmuch older model, nan S23 Ultra should decidedly beryllium connected your radar.

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