8 Things You Should Never Do After Installing Linux

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At immoderate constituent successful your Linux journey, you whitethorn person recovered yourself scouring nan net for things to do aft installing Linux. While it's basal to cognize what you should do aft booting Linux for nan first time, knowing what not to do is much important to debar wrecking your recently group up system.

Let's look astatine immoderate communal things you should steer clear of erstwhile utilizing your caller Linux installation. These tips are adjuvant for each Linux users, irrespective of their expertise.

1. Copy/Paste Random Commands From nan Internet

linux commands successful an online forum

The first correction astir newcomers make is copying and pasting commands from nan net without really knowing them. While it's highly improbable that you'll transcript a bid from a website to your terminal and get your information stolen, nan chances are location and you should do your champion to forestall it.

Therefore, ever effort to understand nan commands earlier hitting Enter. Of course, Linux commands tin beryllium analyzable and it's difficult for beginners to instinctively admit a bid intended to origin harm. But if you tin dissect a bid and hunt nan net for nan correct keywords, it'll conscionable return you 5 minutes to get a unsmooth thought of what it does. It mightiness consciousness time-consuming astatine first, but this mini effort goes a agelong way.

So nan adjacent clip personification asks you to participate "sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /" successful your terminal, make judge to google nan bid first.

2. Run All Linux Commands arsenic Root

running a malicious book pinch sudo

Linux assumes nan personification knows what they're doing, and it seldom gives warnings earlier moving a command. This is much truthful nan lawsuit pinch moving commands arsenic root.

sudo, su, and doas fto you execute Linux commands arsenic different user, usually root. Although moving programs arsenic guidelines is important successful immoderate situations, you shouldn't ever adhd sudo astatine nan opening of your commands, arsenic it tin do much harm to your PC than you mightiness think.

By simply adding nan connection "sudo" aliases "doas" earlier a command, you're giving nan programme complete entree to your system, and permitting it to do thing it wants, including deleting nan full OS. Programs meant to origin harm return advantage of this and discuss nan information of your computer.

Therefore, only usage sudo aliases different akin utilities erstwhile it's perfectly necessary, aliases erstwhile you spot nan programme and its developers.

3. Delete Random Files successful nan Root Directory

The Linux directory structure isolates personification and strategy files into chopped directories. The location directory is wherever you shop individual files and nan remainder of nan folders wrong nan guidelines directory incorporate strategy and package files.

To support stability, you should ne'er region files wrong immoderate directory different than home. This tin origin programs to behave unexpectedly, arsenic you tin region configuration files connected accident.

Deleting strategy files tin besides render your instrumentality useless and lead you to a achromatic surface pinch thing to do aliases control.

4. Add Unknown PPAs and Package Sources

Since astir Linux programs are unfastened source, galore eyes spell done their root code, and immoderate harmful method aliases vulnerability gets removed. But location are hundreds of thousands of repositories online, and monitoring each azygous statement of codification for a malicious cognition is impossible. This is particularly nan lawsuit pinch chartless PPAs and third-party package sources.

Programs recovered successful nan charismatic distro repositories person hundreds of contributors and maintainers, group who person volunteered to guarantee nan integrity of nan codification stays intact.

Most of nan time, you tin spot specified programs and instal them without giving it overmuch thought. But what astir nan repositories created by an individual pinch nary credibility?

In specified cases, it's important to reappraisal nan codification earlier installing it connected your machine. If you don't cognize really to publication code, you should driblet nan thought of installing it for nan clip being and hold for nan task to garner attention. This would bring successful much contributors who will make judge nan programme is free of malicious codification and tin beryllium installed without immoderate issues.

5. Switch Back to Windows (or Distro-Hop)


When you move from different operating strategy to Linux, you get overwhelmed by nan level of power placed into your hands. This will lead you to move backmost to Windows, but you should walk immoderate much clip pinch Linux.

If you're successful nan aforesaid shoes, you'll beryllium relieved to cognize that it's imaginable to customize Linux to beryllium for illustration Windows, aliases macOS, for that matter. All it takes is immoderate clip and a fewer tutorials connected YouTube.

You shouldn't distro-hop either arsenic it would make it moreover harder for you to accommodate to Linux. Every Linux distro family has a different group of devices and offers a unsocial desktop experience.

It makes nan business moreover worse arsenic you're near confused pinch 5 different package managers and a twelve desktop environments to take from. Therefore, nan champion way would beryllium choosing a bully beginner-friendly distro and sticking pinch it for a fewer months.

6. Fear nan Command Line

The bid statement is your friend. Period. If you've installed Linux reasoning you'd get distant pinch utilizing nan terminal, you mightiness beryllium wrong. You'll person to type commands into nan terminal 1 time aliases another, depending connected nan severity of nan problem you're trying to solve.

Many Linux distros person tried minimizing nan usage of nan bid line, but nan terminal has been an integral portion of Linux for respective decades, and now it's almost intolerable to abstracted nan two.

7. Pester Your Friends and Family to Switch

a personification irritated pinch personification else

You managed to instal a Linux distro connected your machine. And you look to for illustration it. It's stable, customizable, and offers everything you request successful an OS for free. The adjacent measurement would beryllium recommending Linux to your loved ones. You've sewage to present them to state and make them switch, right?

No. It's good to propose Linux to people, but only to a definite extent. You don't want to beryllium nan feline talking astir Linux astatine a statement and explaining why it's amended than Windows to group who conscionable don't care.

Keep successful mind that everyone has a different usage lawsuit and mightiness not beryllium arsenic impressed by Linux arsenic you. If you still consciousness nan request to pass others astir Linux and its benefits, why not caput complete to online forums and time off a remark connected threads asking for OS recommendations?

8. Underestimate nan Power of Backups

By now, you cognize that programs tin wreck your installation and time off you pinch thing but a blank screen. In specified situations, having a backup to autumn backmost connected tin help. This would guarantee your files enactment safe moreover if your OS can't boot.

Even better, you tin set up a snapshot inferior to return a snapshot of your strategy astatine specified periods. When you tally into a problem successful nan future, you tin simply import nan past saved snapshot into nan app and it'd revert your machine to nan past saved state.

It's easy to configure a backup aliases snapshot inferior connected Linux and is overmuch amended than regretting later.

Now You Know What You Shouldn’t Do connected Linux

Prevention is amended than cure. It's basal to cognize what things are a complete no-no erstwhile utilizing Linux arsenic a beginner. You should beryllium alert of your machine's limits and ways you tin render it useless without moreover realizing it.

If you take to spell pinch Pop!_OS arsenic your adjacent operating system, cognize that location are things you should do correct aft booting your instrumentality for nan first time.

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