Apple's Q4 report: iPhone sales are down, iPad increases

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Apple posted its financial study connected nan past 3 months of 2023, which is nan first 4th of its fiscal year. Total gross and income are down connected a yearly ground arsenic proviso concatenation issues constricted inventory. The institution highlighted immoderate of nan positives successful nan bleak script - it now has 2 cardinal devices successful progressive usage and recorded an all-time precocious gross successful nan Services business.

Apple reports 2 cardinal progressive devices successful first fiscal quarter

The full income for nan 3 months ending connected December 31, 2022, were $117.1 billion, while nan aforesaid play 12 months agone saw $123.9 cardinal successful sales. The nett income of almost $30 cardinal is down 13% from $34.6 billion.

Apple stopped revealing portion numbers a agelong clip agone and now conscionable lists gross per category. The iPhones relationship for much than half of sales, but are still down 8% from past year. The Services business saw $20.8 cardinal successful gross betwixt October and December 2022, up 6% yearly. The only different merchandise class that saw a flimsy emergence is nan iPads, jumping almost 30% from $7.2 cardinal to $9.3 billion.

(in $ million) Period ending Dec 31, 2022 Period ending Dec 25, 2021 Change
iPhone sales 65,775 71,628 -8%
Mac sales 7,735 10,852 -28%
iPad sales 9,396 7,248 28%
Wearables, Home and Accessories sales 13,482 14,701 -8%
Services sales 20,766 19,516 6%
Total sales 117,154 123,945 -5%
Net income 29,998 34,630 -13%

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said nan institution has “the champion lineup of products and services ever”. The CFO Luca Maestri added that gross connected insubstantial mightiness look successful decline, but connected a changeless rate basis, it really grew. The institution generated $34 cardinal successful rate travel and managed to return complete $25 cardinal to shareholders, pinch a $0.23 rate dividend per share.


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