Assault charge against Nick Kyrgios dismissed after he admits shoving ex-girlfriend

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Nick Kyrgios has had an battle complaint dismissed by a magistrate aft he pleaded blameworthy to shoving complete his ex-girlfriend successful 2021.

The tennis prima fronted nan ACT magistrates tribunal connected Friday wherever a bid to person nan battle complaint thrown retired connected intelligence wellness grounds was rejected.

But magistrate Beth Campbell threw retired nan charge, accepting nan seriousness of nan matter was “low-level” and indicating Kyrgios was not a consequence of reoffending.

The world No 20 was charged pinch a late-night incident from 10 January 2021 wherever he pushed complete his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari pursuing an statement extracurricular her flat successful nan inner-city Canberra suburb of Kingston.

The tribunal heard Passari was opinionated successful nan doorway of an Uber preventing Kyrgios from leaving erstwhile he pushed her over.

He stood complete her and remarked “seriously” while she laic connected nan ground.

Passari reported enarthrosis symptom on pinch grazing connected her knee.

Kyrgios had told Passari to “leave maine nan fuck alone” and to “just fucking piss off” while she asked him to get retired of nan car and to calm down.

Passari didn’t study nan incident until 10 months later, erstwhile nan mates divided aft getting backmost together pursuing nan incident.

Common battle carries a maximum condemnation of 2 years successful jail.

Kyrgios is recovering from anthroscopic room connected his knee aft wounded forced him to retreat from past month’s Australian Open.

The cognition to cleanable up his lateral meniscus and region a paralabral went good and his head said this week they “couldn’t really person asked for a amended result”.

Kyrgios later issued a nationalist apology. In a written connection he said he was grateful to nan tribunal for dismissing nan charge.

“I was not successful a bully spot erstwhile this took spot and I reacted to a difficult business successful a measurement I profoundly regret. I cognize it wasn’t OK and I’m sincerely sorry for nan wounded I caused,” he said.

“Mental wellness is tough. Life tin look overwhelming. But I’ve recovered that getting thief and moving connected myself has helped maine to consciousness amended and to beryllium better.”

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