Back 4 Blood studio rules out more DLC in favour of new game

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It’s not shutting down wholly but Back 4 Blood won’t get immoderate much DLC, arsenic Turtle Rock moves onto its adjacent game.

After only launching successful October 2021, Left 4 Dead successor Back 4 Blood has wrapped up its post-launch support, arsenic confirmed by developer Turtle Rock Studios.

This makes its River Of Blood description , which launched successful December, its past portion of DLC. So that intends there’ll beryllium nary much communicative content, playable characters, aliases weapons.

Back 4 Blood was ne'er nan unequivocal deed that Left 4 Dead was, but Turtle Rock has already hinted that their adjacent crippled will beryllium a sequel.

We’ve seen plentifulness of online multiplayer games, specified arsenic Rumbleverse and Avengers, unopen down recently, pinch nan accusation being that they weren’t making capable money to warrant keeping nan servers up, contempt plans for semipermanent support.

‘Turtle Rock Studios is really beautiful mini for a workplace making AAA games,’ it explains successful a blog station connected its website.

‘We don’t person rather capable folks to proceed moving connected Back 4 Blood contented while we rotation up different crippled – yes, different game! Given this, it’s clip for america to put our heads down, get backmost successful nan lab, and get to activity connected nan adjacent large thing.’

Although it does person a single-player mode, Back 4 Blood is chiefly a co-op game, champion enjoyed pinch different group arsenic you conflict backmost against zombie-like monsters called nan Ridden.

While it whitethorn not beryllium getting immoderate caller content, Back 4 Blood isn’t shutting down. Turtle Rock assures players that nan crippled will proceed to run arsenic normal.

There’s nary mention of whether it will person immoderate insignificant updates aliases patches successful nan future, but astatine slightest anyone who plays it regularly tin still do truthful without fearfulness of nan servers going offline.

Turtle Rock besides points retired that nan crippled is presently included pinch Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium. So, if you’re subscribed to immoderate of those, you tin effort Back 4 Blood astatine nary other cost.

The studio’s connection ends pinch nan remark that: ‘This shape of our warfare against nan Ridden now comes to a close.’ That seems to beryllium a clear hint that nan adjacent crippled will beryllium group successful nan aforesaid fictional beingness – and is apt a nonstop sequel.

Back 4 Blood is disposable for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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