Backlash for Kylie Jenner as she hosts Astroworld-themed birthday party for Aire and Stormi after tragedy that killed 10 people

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Kylie Jenner is successful basking h2o pinch her fans arsenic she is accused of making ray of nan Astroworld calamity that killed 10 people.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, 25, welcomed babe boy Aire successful January past twelvemonth pinch fellow Travis Scott, pinch whom she besides shares daughter Stormi, who turned 5 this week.

This week Kylie besides celebrated her son’s first birthday – conscionable days aft yet announcing his sanction – and has attracted disapproval for nan taxable she chose for nan celebration.

The mum-of-two opted for making nan children’s statement look arsenic though it was astatine Astroworld, the yearly euphony show run by Aire’s begetter Travis.

Astroworld is defined by nan elephantine exemplary of Travis’ caput recovered connected nan grounds of nan festival, which concertgoers tin locomotion through, and Aire and Stormi’s statement featured a replica of this, modeled aft their ain heads.

However nan stunt did not spell down excessively good online, pinch Kylie slammed for nan show taxable considering 10 group mislaid their lives astatine nan 2021 arena during a deadly crowd surge.

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Many much were near injured successful nan crush, pinch hundreds of lawsuits revenge against nan dad-of-two, arsenic good arsenic Live Nation and others progressive successful nan event.

The determination to exemplary their child’s day statement complete nan show caused a operation online, pinch 1 describing it arsenic being successful ‘disgustingly bad taste.’

‘I genuinely can’t moreover fathom why you would WANT your child’s day to beryllium associated pinch specified a horrible tragedy,’ nan Twitter personification added.

Another agreed it was ‘beyond tasteless,’ while 1 described it arsenic ‘very weird’ and different arsenic ‘insensitive’.

Some defended nan reality star, pointing retired that Stormi’s first day statement besides had an Astroworld theme, though it was earlier nan fatal crush that near 10 group dead.

Others based on that nan elephantine Travis caput tin besides beryllium recovered connected nan Astroworld medium cover, connected which nan show is modeled, truthful whitethorn not beryllium a nonstop reference to nan show itself.

Grammy victor Travis was performing astatine Astroworld connected November 5, 2021, to a crowd of astir 50,000 erstwhile nan crowd surged, leaving galore incapable to breathe.

He was criticised astatine nan clip for continuing his group for almost 40 minutes arsenic unconscious bodies were pulled from nan crowd, and insists he did not realise what was going on.

The youngest victim, Ezra Blount, was conscionable 9 years of age.

Festivalgoers and their families person taken ineligible action against nan musician, alleging that negligence led to nan deaths and injuries sustained astatine nan event. However, some Scott and Live Nation person denied nan allegations.

Speaking retired aft nan tragedy, he said he was ‘absolutely devastated’ and offered his ‘prayers’ to ‘all those impacted.’

‘I americium committed to moving together pinch nan Houston organization to heal and support nan families successful need,’ he said. has reached retired to reps for Kylie for comment.

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