(Bali, Indonesia) Bali and Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF) committees announced nan readiness to behaviour this well-positioned Indonesia’s starring International Travel Fair by launching its 9th edition’s logo and nan taxable of BBTF 2023: “Reconnecting to value and Sustainable Tourism”. This yearly arena will beryllium held successful June 14-17, 2023 astatine nan Bali International Convention Centre (BICC), Nusa Dua.

The caller logo has been developed based connected nan Nawa Sanga, Balinese accuracy representing belief cardinal directions arsenic good arsenic nan 9 astir ineffable temples of Bali – Dewata Nawa Sanga – believed arsenic nan 9 gods guardians of nan compass who protect nan harmony of nan people, belief and nature.

Supported by nan Ministry of Tourism and Economy Creative since nan first constitution and continuous support of dedicated stakeholders, some backstage and public, section government.

This twelvemonth BBTF is pleased to invited nan Ministry of Foreign Affairs that joining for nan first clip by connecting Indonesia’s imaginable to nan world. Another item will beryllium nan publication of Badung Regency, South of Bali pinch its diverseness destinations that brought Bali successful nan representation of value tourism. After successfully conducted nan world recognised G20 successful Nusa Dua area, Bali is fresh to respond nan marketplace demand.

Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2023

14. – 17. June 2023 astatine BICC Bali – Reconnecting to Quality & Sustainable Tourism.
Indonesia’s Leading Travel Exhibition.

I Putu Winastra, president of nan Association of nan Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali Chapter and president of nan committee for BBTF 2023, expressed that nan recreation manufacture has truthful acold responded enthusiastically to nan upcoming 2023 theme, “Reconnecting to Quality and Sustainable Tourism” brought beardown positioning successful bringing reputable International buyers done years of web and sustainable business partnership. We are targeting 350 buyers from 33 countries to meet 250 sellers from each complete Indonesia. The opportunities rising successful tourism assemblage aft G20, nan recreation manufacture should beryllium capable to lead nan world economical growth.” He said.

BBTF 2023 taxable is astir Reconnecting Quality and Sustainable Tourism – a strategical taxable highly applicable to coming and early business trends. BBTF promotes nan conception of value tourism wherever visitors heighten their travel astatine destination done learning nan section wisdom, engaging pinch nan communities, taking portion successful supporting section economical maturation while contributing to nan biology preservation.

“We facilitate and promote relationship betwixt visitors and section communities successful bid to make various intangible and applicable benefits, from accrued consciousness of cultural, environmental, and economical issues to amended finance successful section business ecosystem.” I Putu Winastra added to correspond nan committees coagulated initiatives.

“Bali is nan cleanable destination for travelers that seeking for value and sustainability learning – truthful overmuch to do and bring location nan caller life changing experiences – from nan spiritual, traditions, section contented treatment to nan quality serenity – travel and subordinate america astatine BBTF 2023.” I Putu Winastra further explained.

As portion of nan commitments, BBTF is encouraging manufacture stakeholders to go much community-based successful bid to create agelong word worth and greater benefits for section group and environment.

For much accusation astir BBTF 2023 aliases to registry for nan event, please sojourn nan website https://www.bbtf.co.id/ aliases email to [email protected]