Ben Shephard defends Rishi Sunak over ‘awkward exchange’ in Piers Morgan interview claiming PM ‘felt more human’

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Ben Shephard has remarked that while astatine times Rishi Sunak ‘doesn’t consciousness aliases look that human’, location were moments during his Piers Morgan question and reply erstwhile that changed.

Last night, nan Prime Minister sat down pinch nan TalkTV broadcaster for what was described as an ‘unmissable’ speech at No10 Downing Street.

Topics of speech ranged from Liz Truss’ resignation successful agency earlier Sunak took over, what he’s achieved successful nan first 100 days of his tenure, migration rule and nan nurses’ strikes.

Morgan, 57, besides quizzed Sunak, 42, astir really he proposed to his wife, heiress and businesswoman Akshata Murty, 42.

After proceeding nan leader speak astir really he asked Murty to wed him astatine Half Moon Bay successful nan US, pinch nan mates tying nan knot successful 2009, Good Morning Britain presenter Shephard admitted that he felt Sunak’s admittance made him look ‘more human’ than usual.

On Friday’s programme, Shephard and Kate Garraway were joined successful nan ITV workplace by erstwhile Labour location caput Jacqui Smith and erstwhile Conservative civilization curate Lord Vaizey.

Lord Vaizey recalled really Sunak’s relationship pinch Morgan went down during nan interview, stating: ‘He asked him really he projected to his wife, and I’ve ne'er seen a much awkward exchange.

‘Classic Morgan, “Tell me, really did you propose to your wife.” Rishi Sunak, you tin benignant of spot nan thought bubble, “Why did I induce this bloke into my level to inquire maine these incredibly annoying questions?”’

Shephard past piped up, stating: ‘I deliberation nan emotion location was that he seemed much quality erstwhile he talked astir that. At times he doesn’t consciousness aliases look that human, and really that felt a spot much human.’

Lord Vaizey past added that Sunak often appears arsenic though he’s trying to travel crossed arsenic ‘perfect’, what pinch him not drinking and moving retired each day.

‘I thought it was bully for him erstwhile he looked incredibly pained and awkward,’ nan governmental commentator added.

While speaking to Morgan astir really he asked his woman to wed him, who he wed successful 2009, Sunak said: ‘We exchanged rings successful a spot called Half Moon Bay and it was a spot that erstwhile we were students we met erstwhile we were studying together successful nan States.

‘We utilized to locomotion successful this area and look up astatine this bully fancy edifice that we ne'er could enactment in, and past I amazed her and we did spell and enactment location but earlier that we went for a locomotion on nan cliffs and we were unsocial and that’s wherever I proposed.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am connected ITV.

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