Benfica president Rui Costa slams Enzo Fernandez’s conduct during Chelsea transfer saga

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Benfica president Rui Costa has deed retired astatine nan mode successful which Enzo Fernandez forced done a move to Chelsea, pinch nan Argentine refusing to play for nan club.

The westbound London outfit reignited a move for nan World Cup victor pinch conscionable a fewer days of nan transportation model remaining, pinch Benfica having been adamant he was not for waste erstwhile first approaches were made astatine nan commencement of nan month.

Costa has now confirmed that he relented connected that stance connected nan proviso that Fernandez would stay astatine nan nine until nan summer, moreover accepting a smaller interest than nan merchandise clause and ensuring that nan midfielder would gain nan aforesaid net being offered by Chelsea.

But nan 22-year-old had nary volition of seeing retired nan remainder of nan play successful Lisbon, with immoderate reports moreover claiming he threatened to return to Argentina and ne'er play for Benfica again.

Costa has suggested that was so nan lawsuit and erstwhile Fernandez had delivered his ultimatum nan Benfica main felt he had nary different action but to judge a Premier League grounds £106million fee.

Speaking astatine a property convention connected Thursday, Costa explained: ‘Enzo Fernandez did not want to enactment astatine Benfica. He didn’t springiness america immoderate chance.

‘I did my best, I’m sad, but I’m not going to outcry for a subordinate who didn’t want to stay. When Chelsea arrived, it was really intolerable to alteration his mind.

‘During deadline time we recovered an statement to waste Enzo to Chelsea successful nan summertime but he didn’t want to stay.

‘From nan infinitesimal Enzo realised [Chelsea would pay] nan worth of nan clause it was unrelenting. We tried to insist, but nan subordinate did not show immoderate openness to continuing astatine Benfica.

‘I projected to Chelsea that he enactment until nan summertime for a little value, but nan subordinate did not want to proceed astatine Benfica – and this is erstwhile everything changed.

‘At that constituent I said, “He can’t play for Benfica anymore, nary way!” I don’t outcry for players who don’t want to deterioration our shirt.

‘I had nan dream that Enzo would want to conflict for nan title title pinch us. When I realised that he didn’t want to, I besides didn’t want him to deterioration nan Benfica garment again.

‘A subordinate who moreover pinch nan anticipation of not losing a Euro and pinch a unafraid Chelsea contract, does not want to continue, could ne'er enactment astatine Benfica. This subordinate could nary longer participate nan locker room.’

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