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Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 builds connected nan occurrence of 2021's sleeper smartphone hit, the Galaxy Z Flip 3. While nan durability of phones has accrued complete nan years, it's reasonable to beryllium cautious, particularly pinch a folding phone. The number of flip telephone lawsuit options disposable isn't extensive, but grabbing a Galaxy Z Flip 4 lawsuit isn't difficult to do. It tin springiness you other bid of mind that your instrumentality will beryllium safe from scratches and different harm if it takes a tumble. In fact, lawsuit manufacturers person made judge location are much choices disposable than nan Flip 4's predecessor had -- and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 had immoderate unthinkable cases. Anyone looking for a stylish lawsuit aliases those who worth usability complete manner will find a lawsuit to suit their preferences here. 

We've tried galore of these Z Flip 4 lawsuit options and tin attest to their quality. As much caller cases get for nan Z Flip 4, we'll beryllium putting those models to nan trial and will update this database accordingly truthful you tin find nan champion offers available.


You're receiving value alerts for Caseology Nano Pop

Available successful 3 colour options, nan Caseology Nano Pop has a soft-to-the-touch consciousness and offers decent protection pinch a raised camera ring. Its dual-layer creation pinch eye-catching trim colors does springiness nan lawsuit a small other pop. Note that Caseology is simply a sub-brand of Spigen.


Samsung's Clear Ring Cover is nan translucent type of its Ring Cover. While it doesn't person nan aforesaid soft-to-the-touch decorativeness and isn't rather arsenic protective arsenic that case, it is slim and allows you to show disconnected your phone's exterior color. It's usually $30, but we've already seen discounts connected it.

David Carnoy/CNET

Speck's Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold, 1 of my favorites for nan Galaxy Z Flip 3, returns for nan Z Flip 4. The Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold is rated for 13-foot driblet protection, and it's nan astir protective clear lawsuit I tried, though there's nary hinge protection. It comes successful a perfectly clear type and 1 imbued pinch glitter. (Note that nan photograph supra is pinch nan Galaxy Z Flip 3 but nan Z Flip 4 type should beryllium astir identical).

David Carnoy/CNET

Samsung's Silicone Cover pinch Ring returns for nan Galaxy Z Flip 4 pinch immoderate mini creation enhancements. It's protective, it has a bully soft-to-touch decorativeness and there's that built-in ringing that helps forestall you from dropping nan telephone -- and you tin besides clip nan ringing to a lanyard and deterioration nan telephone astir your neck. Alas, while I could benignant of prop nan telephone up utilizing nan ringing connected definite surfaces, I would person liked nan lawsuit moreover much if it genuinely converted into a kickstand. 

The lawsuit comes successful aggregate colors.

David Carnoy/CNET

I didn't for illustration Otterbox's Thin Flex lawsuit for nan Galaxy Z Flip 3. It felt inexpensive and was difficult to get disconnected your telephone erstwhile you put it on. But nan caller type for nan Galaxy Z Flip 4 is overmuch amended and comes successful translucent options, a mates of which person colored trims (the pacific reef colour is shown successful photo). While it has a two-piece creation and nary hinge protection, it now looks and feels for illustration a premium case. 

David Carnoy/CNET

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 Flap Leather Cover is an upgrade complete past year's Leather Cover lawsuit for nan Galaxy Flip 3, arsenic it incorporates a flap for hinge protection. It's expensive, but bully -- and slim. Available successful 3 colour options (black, peach and purple), nan biggest sound against it is that it's expensive, but we're already seeing discounts connected it.


You're receiving value alerts for Restone Clear Case

You tin find a bunch of generic clear cases connected Amazon for nan Galaxy Z Flip 4, respective of which costs little than $15. The Restone is absorbing because while it's technically a two-piece creation pinch nary hinge protection (for nan Z Flip 4's hinge), it does characteristic a hinge of its ain that keeps nan 2 pieces together and helps forestall them from slipping disconnected nan phone. It besides has a spot of other area protection. (I haven't utilized this peculiar Restone lawsuit yet but I person utilized a Restone lawsuit connected different telephone and it was fine, peculiarly for its debased price). 

All these inexpensive clear cases opportunity they person anti-yellowing protection (to support your clear lawsuit from losing its clarity), but I don't really judge those anti-yellow claims.

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear has agelong made attractively designed cases for a assortment of telephone models and its Civilian Series is 1 nan champion reliable cases for nan Z Flip 4. It's disposable successful 3 colour options -- black, mallard (blue) and oliva -- and does connection hinge protection successful a one-piece design. You do request to usage nan adhesive connected nan wrong of nan lawsuit to support nan lawsuit from sliding astir connected nan phone.

David Carnoy/CNET

You're receiving value alerts for Spigen Tough Armor [Hinge Protection] Designed for Galaxy Z Flip 4 Case (2022) - Black

Spigen makes a fewer cases for nan Galaxy Z Flip 4. As its sanction implies, nan Tough Armor is durable and offers nan astir protection successful Spigen's line. It's besides nan only Spigen lawsuit that has an integrated protective covering for nan hinge.

As acold arsenic protective cases go, it's 1 of nan amended ones and is only missing an integrated kickstand. I besides benignant of wish it came successful much colors. Black is nan only action for now. Expect to spot value drops connected it successful nan coming weeks.

David Carnoy/CNET

You're receiving value alerts for Spigen Air Skin Designed for Galaxy Z Flip 4 Case (2022) - Cornflower Blue

Spigen's Air Skin lawsuit line, which includes a Crystal Clear type arsenic good arsenic different colour options, is simply a slim lawsuit that offers basal protection. I astir apt for illustration nan colour versions alternatively of nan clear, but a batch of group for illustration to show nan colour of their phone, particularly if you paid other for 1 of nan "bespoke" colors.

David Carnoy/CNET

This has nan aforesaid soft-to-the-touch decorativeness arsenic Samsung's Ring case, but alternatively of a ringing it incorporates a strap. You descent your manus nether nan strap (and down nan phone), which allows you to get a grip and clasp connected to your telephone without really wrapping your fingers astir it. It's fundamentally a information strap. The strap besides offers a small spot of protection for nan hinge erstwhile you fold up nan phone. Additionally, you tin connect nan extremity of nan strap to a lanyard aliases clip it to different strap (say, connected a container aliases backpack). 

Aside from having immoderate utility, nan strap besides seems designed to bring immoderate attraction to your phone. For amended aliases worse, it does conscionable that, truthful if you usage this case, scheme connected having group inquire you astir your phone. It comes successful 2 colors (white aliases black), but further straps are sold separately if you want 1 that amended fits your individual style.

David Carnoy/CNET

Otterbox makes only 2 cases for nan Galaxy Z Flip 4: nan Thin Flex (see above) and this one, nan Symmetry Flex, which now offers hinge protection and is simply a apical protective lawsuit for nan Z Flip 4 (it comes successful much colour options for nan Z Flip 4). It's expensive, but we should spot immoderate discounts connected it successful nan coming weeks. 

David Carnoy/CNET

Zagg has a caller "eco" surface protector for nan Z Flip 4's exterior surface that it says is biodegradable, a first for a surface protector. Along pinch nan exterior surface protector Zagg makes for nan Galaxy Z Flip 3, this is its smallest surface protector. Yet it someway costs almost arsenic overmuch arsenic nan surface protectors it makes for overmuch larger screens.

David Carnoy/CNET

Gear4's Bridgetown lawsuit shares immoderate similarities pinch Spigen's Tough Armor lawsuit (see below). It, too, is simply a reliable lawsuit that only comes successful achromatic and has immoderate bully hinge protection. The lawsuit looks akin to nan type for nan Z Flip 3 but nan caller type is simply a spot sleeker and nan hinge protector has been improved. It's 1 of nan champion protective cases for nan Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. I only wish it were disposable successful much colors, aliases a clear version.

Do Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases fresh nan Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Yes and no. Your aged Z Flip 3 lawsuit whitethorn fresh connected your Z Flip 4 -- and enactment connected it -- but location are immoderate mini differences successful their creation (and dimensions) that whitethorn make it a less-than-perfect fit. For instance, nan flashlight connected nan Zip Flip 4 is simply a somewhat different location than nan flashlight connected nan Z Flip 3 and whitethorn not beryllium centered successful nan cutout connected a Z Flip 3 case. Also, nan apical microphone whitethorn get partially covered if you usage a Z Flip 3 lawsuit pinch a Z Flip 4. You tin effort your aged lawsuit pinch your caller telephone to spot really good it fits (and perchance effort to modify it slightly), but there's a bully chance you whitethorn person to get an charismatic Z Flip 4 lawsuit for it.

Do Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases protect nan full phone, including nan hinge?

The mostly of Galaxy Z Flip 3 cases came successful 2 pieces. But pinch nan Z Flip 4, we're seeing much one-piece cases that do connection immoderate hinge protection. If that's thing you're looking for, respective of these picks will protect nan hinge.

Are location surface protectors for nan Galaxy Z Flip 4?

As pinch nan Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung doesn't waste -- aliases let anybody to waste -- surface protectors for nan main beforehand surface of nan Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The Z Flip 4 uses a high-tech bendable show that is equipped pinch Samsung's ain pre-applied surface protector (some group had issues pinch it peeling connected nan Z Flip 3 and simply took it off). You tin find a fistful of surface protectors for nan mini exterior display.

Do each Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases let wireless charging?

Most but not each nan cases connected this database let you to wirelessly complaint nan Z Flip 4 pinch nan lawsuit on. Those that characteristic an integrated kickstand, peculiarly if it's made retired of metal, whitethorn require you to region nan lawsuit to complaint your telephone wirelessly. 

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