Business blogs, newsletters and emails: how to demonstrate knowledge and win new customers

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From China to South Korea, immoderate US and European businesses are looking to make important investments and activity retired commercialized partnerships successful Asia.

But pinch immense risks and rewards astatine stake, galore are drafting connected nan knowledge and proposal of business consultancies specified arsenic Intralink, which employs an service of experts connected sectors from aesculapian devices and semiconductors to renewable power and cultivation technology.

Intralink’s specialists support businesses updated connected nan latest trends successful Asia done a regular blog, offering insights into markets specified arsenic Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea, and outlining opportunities for investment, proviso contracts and deals pinch section businesses.

Using nan Mailchimp email trading level to negociate communications for its contented trading programme, Intralink keeps successful touch pinch a database of contacts, regularly sending retired blogs and a play news bulletin each Friday called Asia Pick of nan Week, summarising nan play Asian business news.

Staff astatine Intralink

As Intralink CEO Greg Sutch says: “As a high-end work business, it’s captious for america to show our specialism successful Asia’s business markets and contented trading is simply a powerful measurement for america to execute this.”

While generating high-quality contented is critical, it is besides important to place nan champion channels to scope its audience. “Alongside LinkedIn, email is an effective measurement to get our blog posts and news retired to our contacts to support them abreast of developments successful Asia and punctual them that we’re connected manus to thief pinch their description successful nan region. Our output gets awesome unfastened rates and often triggers enquiries that lead to caller clients – and truthful plays a tangible domiciled successful our business growth,” says Sutch.

The email interaction database contains email addresses of European and North American business executives, and has been painstakingly built up complete galore years done individual meetings and group subscribing to person Intralink updates.

Open rates for Intralink’s blogs complete nan past 3 months person been fantabulous compared pinch nan mean unfastened complaint for consulting manufacture emails, says Tariq Khwaja, managing head of TK Associates, a consultancy which runs Intralink’s contented trading strategy and email trading campaigns. “Their contented scores really well,” he adds.

Tariq Khwaja, managing head of TK Associates
  • Tariq Khwaja, managing head of TK Associates

The thought activity blogs tally to betwixt 800 and 1,500 words depending connected nan taxable and are contained wrong nan emails, alternatively than accessed via a nexus to an outer site, arsenic nan institution has recovered that recipients are acold much apt to publication them successful nan email than to click connected a link.

“Mailchimp is an effective and easy measurement to put together very presentable email information. We tin put a full blog successful an email because it is truthful easy pinch Mailchimp’s contented solution, and it makes it very readable and accessible,” says Khwaja.

The extended email interaction database is cautiously sorted utilizing Mailchimp’s tagging system, which enables executives and companies to beryllium grouped into segments. These tags see accusation specified arsenic a company’s manufacture assemblage and whether it is willing successful a circumstantial marketplace specified arsenic Japan. There are tags for aesculapian exertion companies, aliases those progressive successful making semiconductors and electronics. Filtering nan emails successful this measurement intends they are only sent to nan applicable contacts, alternatively than bothering group pinch accusation they don’t need. Keeping communications focused is captious to maintaining people’s liking truthful they don’t deed nan unsubscribe button.

 “It’s captious for america to show our specialism, and contented trading is simply a powerful measurement for america to execute this”

A caller blog which was wide publication focused connected Asia’s renewable power marketplace and covered offshore windfarms, tidal-wave power and floating star panels. The blog showed that Asia-Pacific countries are a fast-growing marketplace for off-shore renewable power and outlined nan opportunities for occidental constituent manufacturers successful these markets. Another successful blog looked astatine China’s cultivation exertion assemblage and different astatine nan in-vitro diagnostics marketplace successful South Korea.

Typical blogs whitethorn besides characteristic news items, specified arsenic profiling a caller customer that Intralink has helped to participate a market, aliases detailing a woody nan consultancy has helped onslaught connected behalf of a client.

Striking specified deals is nan extremity crippled for galore of Intralink’s clients, which are typically tech companies looking to motion lucrative contracts pinch large corporations successful Asia. Readers are inspired erstwhile they perceive of different companies achieving occurrence done moving pinch Intralink. The blogs will often get what Khwaja describes arsenic “the beatified grail of nonstop responses”, erstwhile a scholar emails backmost saying that nan issues tackled successful nan blog are ones that they person been discussing pinch different executives. Each email features a applicable constituent of interaction for nan topic, which mightiness beryllium nan advisor who wrote nan blog.

“There was an illustration a small while backmost wherever we put retired a blog astir nan hydrogen power system successful South Korea. That’s intelligibly a taxable of liking and we sewage respective replies backmost from group saying that this is simply a fascinating area and asking to speak straight to nan consultants. Two of nan businesses went connected to go clients of Intralink,” says Khwaja.

While specified responses show actual results from moving email campaigns, Khwaja adds: “Another little tangible use is that nan emails punctual our contacts that Intralink is present and is awesome astatine knowing markets and interpreting trends.”

Mailchimp is nan number 1 email trading and automations brand*. With plans suitable for each size of business and database, marketers are capable to nonstop nan correct connection astatine nan correct clip to person much customers, get AI-assisted suggestions to make contented much engaging, and group up automated workflows to cross-sell products, retrieve abandoned carts and to thief thrust much loyalty and sales.

*Based connected competitor brands’ publically disposable information connected worldwide numbers of customers successful 2021/2022.

The views, accusation and opinions expressed successful this article are those of nan group interviewed and do not needfully correspond aliases bespeak nan views of Intuit, Mailchimp aliases immoderate of its cornerstone brands aliases employees. The superior intent of this article is to amended and inform.

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