Call Ofcom! The most complained about soap moments of all time

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As soap viewers, we expect to beryllium shocked and 1 separator from clip to time, but do EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale ever spell excessively far?

Recently a number of horrified viewers of Coronation Street complained to Ofcom astir an section that saw Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) stabbed successful a convulsive attack.

The section received 72 complaints from those who believed nan segment to beryllium excessively overmuch for pre-watershed viewing.

This is not caller territory for Corrie, aliases immoderate of nan soaps for that matter.

They are shows that garbage to awkward distant from difficult aliases arguable storylines, which, arsenic good arsenic garnering them a batch of respect, tin besides lead to a batch of backlash.

Clutch your pearls, because what travel are nan astir complained astir soap storylines of each time.

Ronnie’s babe switch – 13,400 complaints

The titan of each arguable storyline, nan infinitesimal that saw Ronnie Mitchell (Sam Womack) switch nan assemblage of her dormant babe pinch Kat Moon’s (Jessie Wallace) newborn boy Tommy, has ne'er been forgotten.

Very quickly, nationalist outrage was sparked by plot, pinch 13,400 horrified viewers making their anger known officially to nan BBC and complete 1,000 straight contacting Ofcom.

The show reacted swiftly, wholly re-writing nan communicative and cutting it short. Not agelong aft nan now infamous New Year scenes aired, Sam discontinue nan show to remainder nan agelong suffering characteristic of Ronnie.

All of that said, Ofcom yet cleared nan soap, explaining that while nan scenes connected their ain could beryllium perceived arsenic offensive, they were wrong nan boundaries successful nan wider discourse of a show known for tackling reliable issues.

Karen’s anti-vax rant – 684 complaints

During nan Covid lockdowns, nan soaps had a balancing enactment complete really overmuch they should reside what was going on.

With characters perpetually opinionated metres isolated and nan usually bustling pubs and shops closed, it was difficult not to.

When EastEnders returned to our screens aft a pandemic induced hiatus, location was chat amid nan residents and nan writers decided that location needed to beryllium 2 sides to an statement complete vaccines.

It didn’t spell well. Karen Taylor (Lorraine Taylor) was seen ranting that she didn’t want to beryllium a laboratory rat and person poison pumped into her.

As Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) branded her an anti-vaxxer, Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) added that he had been successful infirmary astatine death’s doorway pinch Covid, and wouldn’t wish it connected anyone.

Social media was instantly alight pinch scary astatine Karen’s words – and nan complaints to nan BBC came heavy and fast, making it nan astir complained astir infinitesimal to nan transmission successful a decade.

Phelan’s double execution – 541 complaints

It is intolerable for immoderate Coronation Street instrumentality to not retrieve Pat Phelan’s (Connor McIntyre) reign of terror.

The latest Corrie serial slayer went a measurement further successful menace and brutality successful a number of schematic scenes, which included him sexually assaulting Anna Windass (Debbie Rush), shooting his girl Nicola (Nicola Thorp) and yet being stabbed to death.

But 1 horrifying infinitesimal topped them all, and led to discussions crossed each media connected whether Coronation Street had overstepped nan people and go excessively dark.

In a darkened warehouse, Phelan held Andy, a man he had held arsenic his hostage successful a cellar for half a year, astatine gunpoint.

He forced him to sprout dormant his ain henchman, successful a drawn retired segment which traumatised Andy.

Phelan went connected to past sprout and termination a sobbing Andy anyway, successful a shocking bloodbath that saw waves upon waves of complaints.

Kate Oates, nan show’s leader astatine nan clip and now BBC’s Director of Drama, moreover recovered herself connected greeting TV defending her storylines.

Despite hysterics from nan Loose Women, Ofcom cleared nan show, saying: ‘While nan threatening reside of nan 20:30 section reached nan precocious limits of what audiences are apt to expect pre-watershed, we considered this was mitigated by different factors which ensured that wide nan worldly was suitable for a pre-watershed assemblage connected ITV and ITV2.’

They added that nan unit was constricted and not ‘graphic nor gratuitous successful nature’ and said that regular fans would have anticipated Phelan’s actions arsenic portion of nan ‘culmination of an established storyline’.

Emmerdale Dognapping – 448 complaints

The soaps are often airing scenes of kidnapping, sieges and hostage situations, but it seems that viewers tie nan statement erstwhile it comes to dognapping.

Viewers were horrified by scenes aired successful 2016 that saw Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Ross Barton discussing a scheme to make money by holding a canine for ransom.

The communicative received 448 complaints from viewers who were concerned that nan scenes whitethorn animate group to perpetrate akin crimes successful existent life.

However, Ofcom dropped nan investigation, pinch a spokesperson explaining:

‘We received a number of complaints astir nan consequence that a storyline involving an attempted theft of a canine could promote akin behaviour.

‘We recovered that nan scenes were not apt to condone aliases promote group to effort canine theft, taking into relationship nan melodramatic discourse and that nan characters progressive were intelligibly not domiciled models.

‘It was clear to viewers they were behaving successful a morally questionable manner, and nan effort to seizure a canine failed.’

Jai and Laurel’s abortion determination – 447 complaints

In 2020, Emmerdale aired a arguable storyline which saw Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) and Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) determine to abort their babe aft discovering that it had Down’s Syndrome.

When nan storyline was announced, fans were up successful arms, and Ofcom received hundreds of complaints earlier nan communicative had moreover aired.

Following its broadcast, nan storyline had received a full of 447 complaints from outraged viewers.

On apical of nan charismatic complaints, a petition asking for Emmerdale to driblet nan storyline reached complete 30,000 signatures.

Speaking to, show shaper Laura Shaw defended nan story, saying:

‘We’re assured that what we’ve produced has been done successful a really balanced and delicate way. We haven’t gone into this blindly, we’ve spoken to arsenic galore group arsenic we perchance can.

‘We’ve sewage nan research, this is based connected existent life, and I deliberation group will spot that. You’re going to consciousness uncomfortable astatine times watching it, but I dream that group will then, arsenic they watch it, understand why we’ve done it.’

Ross’ acerb onslaught – 366 viewers complained

Back successful 2018, Emmerdale bad boy Ross Barton (Michael Parr) became nan unfortunate of a vicious acerb attack.

366 viewers complained astir nan scene successful which nan acerb was thrown by supplier trader Simon.

According to Ofcom, they were concerned that families pinch younger children whitethorn person seen nan convulsive scene, arsenic it was aired pre-watershed.

A spokesperson for Emmerdale later addressed nan complaints.

‘Emmerdale has a agelong way grounds of tackling difficult and topical storylines and nan unprovoked acerb onslaught upon Ross is different illustration of this.

‘We return our work earnestly erstwhile portraying what happens successful these circumstances.

‘Consequently, nan storyline was researched thoroughly pinch aesculapian experts astatine Pinderfields hospital.

‘For nan series pursuing Ross’s onslaught we adhered cautiously to nan NHS guidelines astir really to thief group who are nan unfortunate of an acerb attack.

‘We besides specifically researched this communicative pinch 1 peculiar unfortunate who felt it important to stock what happened to him pinch nan Emmerdale accumulation team.’

Ben’s rape – 353 complaints

In 2022, EastEnders aired a storyline that saw Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) raped by Lewis Butler (Aidan O’Callaghan).

The communicative sparked a monolithic 353 complaints from upset viewers.

However, EastEnders later issued a connection successful consequence to nan complaints, saying:

‘EastEnders has been a pre-watershed BBC One staple for complete 37 years and has a rich | history of dealing pinch challenging and difficult issues and Ben’s communicative is 1 of these.

‘We person worked intimately pinch organisations and experts successful nan section to show this communicative which we dream will raise consciousness of intersexual assaults and nan issues surrounding them.

‘We are ever mindful of nan timeslot successful which EastEnders is shown and we took awesome attraction to signpost this storyline anterior to transmission, done on-air continuity and publicity arsenic good arsenic providing a BBC Action Line astatine nan extremity of nan section which offers proposal and support to those affected by nan issue.’

Geoff kills and cooks Yasmeen’s chickenhearted – 350 complaints

Coronation Street viewers were near perfectly horrified successful 2020 erstwhile evil Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) fed Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) her pet chickenhearted for dinner.

The scenes came arsenic portion of a coercive-control storyline, which saw Geoff perpetually belittle and gaslight Yasmeen complete nan play of respective months.

Cooking Charlotte nan chickenhearted was a measurement excessively acold for nan 350 group who complained astir nan episode.

Geoff yet sewage his comeuppance during nan shows 60th day episodes, erstwhile he fell disconnected nan tile and died, surrounded by Charlotte’s surviving sisters.

Evelyn’s therapy comments – 275 complaints

Coronation Street favourite Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) ne'er fails to make america laugh. She’s a nary nonsense, says precisely what she thinks type of woman, and nan viewers emotion her for it.

However, location was 1 juncture wherever she took things excessively far, starring to outrage.

During an section successful 2021, Evelyn made immoderate comments astir play therapy that shocked viewers and led to 275 complaints.

‘She’s had play therapy, touchy, feely rubbish, caller age, but she needs thing long-term. Teach her correct from wrong.’

EastEnders’ portrayal of societal workers – 193 complaints

EastEnders was deed pinch 193 complaints successful 2022 pursuing a storyline which saw Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) girl Annie taken distant from her, aft Linda was framed for portion driving by Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks).

Viewers were furious complete nan measurement societal workers were portrayed successful nan story, claiming that it was ‘inaccurate’.

David’s rape – 183 complaints

Coronation Street pushed nan boundaries of soap successful 2018 by airing nan first antheral rape storyline.

The communicative progressive David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and was inspired by existent stories.

The effect of nan storyline was huge, pinch calls to charities and helplines expanding by hundreds of percent.

Despite this, Ofcom received 183 complaints regarding nan storyline.

However, these were dismissed, pinch a spokesperson saying: ‘This storyline tackled a delicate and challenging subject, which we admit was uncomfortable viewing for some.

‘However, we considered that ITV took extended steps to guarantee it was handled sensitively and carefully.

‘These included moving intimately pinch a unfortunate support group, and many times signposting nan thief disposable to anyone affected by intersexual violence.

‘We besides considered that, though nan offender’s convulsive intentions were intelligibly implied, nan scenes were neither definitive nor graphic. Finally, we took into relationship that clear warnings were broadcast earlier some episodes.’

Racism successful Coronation Street – 139 complaints

In 2022 Coronation Street began airing a storyline which saw Max Turner (Paddy Bever) groomed into joining a right-wing extremist group.

The section aired connected November 16 received 139 complaints successful narration to nan storyline.

In nan episode, it was revealed that Daryan, a young asylum seeker, had been been nan unfortunate of a racially motivated attack.

When confronted by Alya, Max defended his caller friends, claiming that they weren’t racist and had thing to do pinch nan attack.

Sharon’s swearing – 116 group complaint

EastEnders viewers were gobsmacked backmost successful 2017 erstwhile Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) swore during an section which aired earlier nan watershed.

Having discovered that Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) had cheated connected her pinch Denise Fox (Diane Parish) and sewage her pregnant, Sharon called him a ‘b*stard’.

Viewers were outraged by nan usage of nan foul language, starring 116 group to record a title pinch Ofcom.

It wasn’t upheld, pinch a spokesperson explaining: ‘We assessed a number of complaints astir a character’s usage of violative connection successful this pre-watershed soap.#

‘We recovered nan azygous usage of nan connection was justified by nan storyline. We besides took into relationship nan programme’s established domiciled successful presenting sometimes challenging and distressing societal issues.’

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What is Ofcom and what does it cover?

Ofcom is nan regulator for nan communications services that we usage and trust connected each day.

The watchdog makes judge group get nan champion from their broadband, location telephone and mobile services, arsenic good arsenic keeping an oculus connected TV and radio.

Ofcom deals pinch astir contented connected television, power and video-on-demand services, including nan BBC. However, if your title is astir thing you saw aliases heard successful a BBC programme, you whitethorn request to kick to nan BBC first.

Its rules for tv and power programmes are group retired successful the Broadcasting Code.

The rules successful nan Broadcasting Code besides use to nan BBC iPlayer.

This Broadcasting Code is nan norm book that broadcasters person to travel and it covers a number of areas, including; protecting nan under-18s, protecting audiences from harmful and/or violative worldly and ensuring that news, successful immoderate form, is reported pinch owed accuracy and presented pinch owed impartiality.

Audiences tin kick to Ofcom if they judge a breach of nan Broadcasting Code has been made.

Every clip Ofcom receives a title from a spectator aliases listener, they measure it to spot if it needs further investigation.

If Ofcom determine to investigate, they will see nan lawsuit successful a database of caller investigations, published successful nan Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin.

An investigation is simply a general process which tin return immoderate clip depending connected nan complexity of nan issues involved.

Ofcom tin besides motorboat investigations successful nan absence of a title from a spectator aliases listener.

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