Coronation Street spoilers: Baby drama revealed for Sarah and Adam

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Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) tells Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) that he’s taking her for meal successful upcoming Coronation Street episodes because there’s thing he wants to discuss.

Sarah is preoccupied pinch trying to triumph a large statement for work, but Adam tells her that he wants to talk them having a babe and they request to make clip to talk astir it properly.

Sarah is reasonably judge of really she feels and tells him it’s not nan correct clip to beryllium talking astir having a baby. Later she relents a small and says she is consenting to person a chat astir expanding their family, but only erstwhile nan clip is right.

Sarah is of people already a mum. Her girl Bethany, calved erstwhile Sarah was only 13, is now 22 years old. Her boy Billy, conceived during a narration pinch Todd Grimshaw (played by Bruno Langley astatine nan time), was calved prematurely and only lived for a fewer days.

In 2016 Sarah gave commencement to her 2nd son, Harry. His begetter was supplier trader Callum Logan (Sean Ward), who was killed by Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) erstwhile she saw him attacking Sarah. Following Harry’s commencement Sarah struggled pinch her intelligence wellness and spent clip successful a psychiatric ward.

Clearly nan full taxable of babies isn’t an easy 1 aliases thing that Sarah would see without giving it a batch of thought, peculiarly now she’s trying to found herself successful a caller business task pinch Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell).

Will Adam’s longing for a babe origin a rift betwixt nan couple?

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