Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy horrified as her stalker makes sinister move

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Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) was near horrified successful Coronation Street coming arsenic stalker Justin took things a measurement further.

Social media influencer Daisy has been trying to scheme nan wedding of her dreams, while besides dealing pinch harassment from net stalker Justin.

Having already received respective unsolicited bunches of flowers from her creepy follower, she took steps to artifact his accounts from pursuing her.

However, coming she admitted to Glenda (Jodie Prenger) that whenever she blocks an account, he conscionable makes different one. She pointed retired that, while he seemed determined, she was moreover much so.

After a statement betwixt Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) and Christina (Amy Robbins), Daisy ended up going to a wedding adjacent alone.

This gave Justin nan cleanable opportunity to sweep successful while she was trying connected wedding dresses, knowing that she would beryllium unsocial having seen her station connected societal media.

It was clear that Justin genuinely believed that he and Daisy were nan ones getting married, and that he believed her posts were for him alone.

After Daisy made it clear that she was not willing and would impact nan constabulary if thing other happened, Justin said that existent emotion was worthy fighting for, leaving Daisy terrified.

Things only sewage worse later that evening erstwhile Daisy and existent hubby-to-be Daniel (Rob Mallard) near nan Rovers conscionable arsenic a caller transportation driver was dropping a parcel disconnected for Chesney (Sam Aston).

As he slammed nan doorway to nan van, Daisy’s oculus was drawn to him, and she realised that it was Justin.

Furious Daniel ran aft him, but couldn’t support up arsenic nan van sped off.

Now that Justin has a logic to beryllium connected nan street, will Daisy ever beryllium capable to get free of him?

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