Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp reveals genius way fiancé prepared for proposal

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It seems that wedding bells are connected nan sky for erstwhile Coronation Street character Nicola Thorp, pursuing a connection from partner Nikesh Patel successful January.

Nicola, who played Nicola Rubinstein connected nan ITV soap betwixt 2017 and 2019, had been pinch her character partner for 2 years, before he popped nan question.

Speaking connected nan Jeremy Vine show, Nicola told viewers each astir nan romanticist proposal, including nan inventive measurement her fiancé recovered retired her ringing size.

Nicola said that she was amazed erstwhile nan ring, a stunning teardrop emerald pinch a gem halo connected a roseate golden band, fresh her digit perfectly.

But really did Nikesh find retired her ringing size? Did he inquire her friends and family? Did he return a ringing to nan jewellers to beryllium measured? No.

‘I person these rings and I never, ever return them off, nan full clip we’ve been together.’ Nicola explained. ‘He said, “you took it disconnected once”.

‘We went to a pottery people and I took nan ringing disconnected to do nan pottery. I popped to nan toilet and arsenic I time off nan room he shouts astatine nan instructor, “grab nan ring! Shove it successful immoderate clay!”.’

‘So, this mediocre pottery instructor, not knowing what was going on, shoved my ringing successful a portion of clay, and Nikesh took that to nan jewellers and said, “sort of that big”.’

Nicola said that nan connection took her wholly by surprise, seeing arsenic he hadn’t asked immoderate questions astir her ringing size.

She believed that they were simply having a day nighttime erstwhile he blindfolded her and took her into nan surviving room, which was romantically decked retired pinch candles and photos of them.

It was present that Nikesh sewage down connected 1 knee and asked her to wed him.

So romantic, we’re wholly present for it.

When it comes to Nicola’s acting career, arsenic good arsenic starring successful different TV shows such arsenic Doctor Who, she is besides a columnist for

On leaving Coronation Street, Nicola said astatine nan time: ‘I’ve sewage awesome friends, a family that I’ve made here, and I’ll beryllium really, really sad to opportunity goodbye for now.’

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