Dear Edward review: The latest crash drama burns with spirit

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American level journeys are darn dangerous, if TV dramas are thing to spell by.

Following nan fuselage-strewn wreckage of Yellowjackets, Lost and countless others, nan latest to stow our tray tables successful nan upright fastener position is Dear Edward – nan communicative of nan lone subsister of a horrific clang successful Colorado.

Well, not conscionable nan titular Edward’s story. You besides get a action container of backstories successful an interwoven communicative that ambitiously tackles really to heal from grief, really we header pinch life changing successful an instant and really we woody pinch discovering those we loved aren’t who we thought they were.

There are pluses and minuses to specified a sprawling approach. On nan 1 hand, if nan trauma of prodigy Edward doesn’t drawback you, past you cognize we’ll soon beryllium search Connie Britton’s housewife Dee Dee arsenic she probes her dormant hubby’s concealed life.

The downside being that it tin consciousness arsenic if Dear Edward is giving short shrift to characters who could transportation a show connected their own. This applies to Taylor Schilling’s woman-on-the-edge Lacey, nan aunt who 12-year-old Edward (impressive Colin O’Brien) lives pinch aft nan crash.

Much of nan remainder is for illustration superior soap opera, and Dear Edward skates a good statement betwixt maudlin sentimentality and authentic emotion. But its uplifting return connected nan quality tone is difficult to resist.

Episodes 1 to 3 disposable coming connected AppleTV+, past play

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