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HONG KONG — Hong Kong Disneyland opened its first “Frozen”-themed attraction connected Monday, pinch thousands of eager visitors turning up to acquisition nan caller rides, immoderate lining up for hours to get an early start.

Based connected Disney’s wildly celebrated “Frozen” animation film, nan caller conception of nan parkland features landscapes and characters from nan movie and 2 caller rides, a roller coaster and a vessel thrust that takes visitors done different scenes featured successful nan film.

“Over nan past decade, nan movie has grown into 1 of nan astir successful franchises successful Disney history,” said Josh D’Amaro, president of Disney Experiences. “World of Frozen represents Hong Kong Disneyland’s largest and boldest description since nan parkland opened successful 2005.”

The opening comes aft Disney announced successful September a $60 cardinal description of its parks and cruises complete astir a decade. Now that Chinese visitors are venturing overseas again aft nan pandemic, nan caller attraction is meant to beryllium a crippled changer for a taxable parkland that has tally losses for years.

Some of nan hundreds of Disney fans who lined up hours up of clip were dressed for illustration characters from “Frozen.”

Disney enthusiast Bryan Darmanic, who had traveled from California pinch his woman and daughter, was among nan first visitors to nan Frozen-themed roller coaster and received limited-edition souvenirs to commemorate nan experience.

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