Doctors spoilers: Zara struggles to cope in the aftermath of bomb explosion

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After nan edifice explosive explosion, which puts galore lives successful threat – including immoderate of our favourite characters – you mightiness very good deliberation that immoderate of nan Mill’s unit successful Doctors mightiness want to see taking a time aliases 2 disconnected activity to recover. Not a spot of it!

Zara (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh), for example, is backmost astatine activity contempt being buried live successful rubble virtually nan time before. It’s not rather business arsenic accustomed though.

Daniel (Matthew Chambers) has arranged for a typical counsellor, Jen Lockwood (Sabina Arthur) to travel successful and talk to nan survivors.

Daniel himself takes afloat advantage of this opportunity but Zara and Al (Ian Midlane) are reluctant to relive nan acquisition and conscionable want to move on. Both do yet work together to spell done nan process, however.

Later, Rob (Chris Walker) becomes progressive successful a lawsuit concerning immoderate unruly youths.

He soon recognises Lynda Hamilton (Martha Cope) who he recognises for her domiciled successful nan aftermath of nan explosion.

But is she really everything she claims to be?

And tin nan squad move guardant aft specified a terrifying event?

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