Dwayne Johnson shaken as his mum involved in horrifying car crash: ‘Thank you God she’s OK’

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Dwayne Johnson has expressed his gratitude aft his mum survived a terrifying car crash, stressing that she’s ‘a survivor, successful ways that make angels and miracles real’.

In a station shared connected Instagram, The Rock uploaded a photograph of nan busted up car, showing nan reddish conveyance pinch its beforehand correct broadside smashed in.

The former master wrestler thanked nan Los Angeles emergency services for being ‘so caring and focused’, arsenic they stayed pinch him connected nan telephone passim nan ordeal.

‘Thank you God 🙏🏾 she’s ok. Angels of mercy watched complete my mom arsenic she was successful a car clang precocious past night,’ he wrote successful nan caption.

‘She’ll past and proceed to get evaluated. This female has survived lung cancer, reliable marriage, caput connected collision pinch a drunk driver and attempted suicide. She’s a survivor, successful ways that make angels and miracles real.’

The 50-year-old continued: ‘Thank you LAPD & LAFD for being truthful caring & focused. Thanks for staying connected telephone and talking maine thru it all.

‘I sewage 1 genitor left, truthful if you still sewage your mom and dada make judge you hug ‘em hard, cos you ne'er cognize erstwhile you’ll get that 3am telephone we ne'er want to get.’

Johnson’s dada – WWE fable Rocky ‘Soul Man’ Johnson, calved Wayde Douglas Bowles – died successful 2021 astatine nan property of 75.

He and nan Black Adam star’s mum, Ata Johnson, divided successful 2003.

Following Johnson’s Instagram post, he received a unreserved of support from friends and fans wishing his mum well.

‘Praise God we emotion you angel mother!!!!!!!!!! Praise God successful nan sanction of Jesus you will ALWAYS beryllium covered…. We emotion you mother!!! GRACE!!!!!’ commented Fast and Furious character Tyrese Gibson.

‘Glad mamas ok!!’ said Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, while master bodybuilder added: ‘Brother, I americium truthful sorry your mom endured this but very thankful to God she’s okay. I tin only ideate nan accent you felt successful that moment. Sending emotion and prayer🙏🏽.’

Last summer, Johnson amazed his mum with her ‘dream’ home.

Having bought her respective houses complete nan years, this peculiar location was special, because she had said she wanted her adjacent location to beryllium nan past that she would settee in.

‘Love you mom and surprise! When I was a small boy, I hated erstwhile my mom would outcry ~ these days, I’ll happily return her tears of joy,’ Johnson wrote successful a societal media station astatine nan time.

‘I amazed my mom and bought her a caller home.’

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