EA Sunsets Apex Legends Mobile, Cancels Battlefield Mobile Game - CNET

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EA says it will cease activity connected its Battlefield mobile game and statesman winding down Apex Legends Mobile

The crippled patient made nan two announcements during its net telephone connected Tuesday. Apex Legends Mobile, a conflict royale crippled that launched past year, will cease operations connected May 1 astatine 4 p.m. PT.  

Players who purchased in-game items aliases person in-game rate successful their Apex Legends Mobile relationship will suffer their purchases aft servers spell down, and location will beryllium nary refunds, according to an FAQ posted connected EA's site. Apex Legends Mobile's sunsetting won't impact nan console/PC type of nan game. Bloomberg reported Wednesday that EA besides canceled an unannounced crippled based connected nan Apex Legends franchise. 

EA first revealed its plans for a Battlefield mobile game in 2021. The first scheme was to bring nan large-scale subject FPS to mobile devices, and that it would beryllium a different return from nan console/PC version. EA says its pivot was "to champion present connected our imagination for nan franchise." The institution will proceed activity connected its flagship crippled Battlefield 2042, which was considered a "disappointment" erstwhile it launched successful 2021. 

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