EastEnders spoilers: Emma Harding makes dark threat to young child over Lola and Lexi Pearce abuse

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Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) made her beingness felt in EastEnders successful a number of ways arsenic portion of a scheme to discreetly protect and look aft some Lola and Lexi Pearce (Danielle Harold and Isabella Brown).

The newcomer, who is Lola’s biologic mum, made her debut past period after Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) tracked her down astatine her spot of activity successful a bid to invite her to Lola’s wedding.

Despite her desire to get to cognize her grown-up daughter, who she hasn’t seen since she was three, Emma declined nan invite, but subsequently came to Walford – incapable to extremity reasoning astir Lola.

Discovering that she was a grandma besides came arsenic a immense daze to her, and frankincense she approached Lexi successful nan playground earlier this week, offering her immoderate proposal aft seeing her successful tears.

Having fixed it immoderate thought, Emma past decided to meet pinch Lola, albeit without revealing who she is, booking an assignment astatine nan salon and asking for her specifically.

Lola was pleased to person had a customer inquire for her by name, and she grounded to recognise Emma, who was going by nan sanction of Nicole. 

The 2 sewage on nicely, but Lola, struggling pinch her symptoms, felt a spot dizzy and frankincense Denise Fox (Diane Parish) took over, explaining to Emma that Lola is having wellness problems.

It was astatine this constituent Emma discovered that her girl is terminally ill, a find which near her heartbroken and frankincense she resolved to get to cognize her, turning up to nan salon erstwhile much for a follow-up appointment.

Lola explained each astir her terminal diagnosis, leaving Emma upset, but nan bigger daze came soon aft erstwhile nan hairdresser revealed that Lexi is being bullied by a classmate named Maisie, who has made atrocious claims astir Lola’s unwellness and vlogs.

Emma took it upon herself to benignant nan situation, stopping Maisie extracurricular nan schoolhouse gates and threatening her, ordering her to enactment distant from Lexi – aliases else!

Lola, meanwhile, was stunned to person an anonymous letter cover done her doorway containing astir a expansive successful cash. Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) was overjoyed, by Lola reckoned it was weird, arsenic she hadn’t fixed her reside to anyone.

It was Emma! The newcomer watched from afar arsenic her girl tried to portion together who it was who made nan donation.

EastEnders continues Monday February 6 astatine 7:30pm connected BBC One.

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