EastEnders spoilers: New agony for Lola and Zack, Phil at war, Suki in shock

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Trauma complete wellness woes continues successful affectional EastEnders episodes adjacent week. As Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) undergoes gruelling treatment, things are difficult enough.

But tense relations pinch mum Emma (Patsy Kensit) increase. When Lola decides to make an effort, she is past blindsided pinch a monolithic daze from her past that changes everything.

Meanwhile, Zack Hudson (James Farrar) is besides uncovering things incredibly difficult arsenic he feels ashamed of his HIV diagnosis.

And erstwhile he breaks down to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) complete caller events, will he yet unfastened up?

And it’s families astatine warfare crossed Walford arsenic Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) squares up to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Let conflict commence!

Here’s what you tin expect adjacent week…

Monday February 6

Lola is called into Lexi’s schoolhouse pursuing reports that an chartless big has attacked Lexi’s schoolhouse friend Maisie for picking connected her astir her Lola’s ailing health. 

Fearing her newfound online beingness whitethorn beryllium to blame, Lola originates to fearfulness for her and her families safety. Later connected astatine nan salon, Lola’s world is turned upside down arsenic Nicole’s existent personality is revealed.

Zack starts his HIV medication, riddled pinch guilt that he hasn’t shared his test pinch Whitney who is reeling from nan caller news surrounding their baby’s health.

Following words of reassurance, Zack convinces Whitney to sojourn nan infirmary for further testing. Whilst astatine nan hospital, Zach originates to suffer broadside effects from his medication. 

Nish is keen to grow nan Panesar empire and enlists nan thief of Eve to reassess their existent businesses.

Suki is irritated to find some Nish and Eve looking done her business contracts, and reminds her family that she is successful charge.   

Reiss is still suspicious of Sonia’s caller free-spirited lodger, Jed, who proves an instant occurrence pinch nan residents of Walford aft mounting up a organization matter group. Reiss heads to Sonia’s location to beforehand retired nan business and is shocked by what he sees.

Tuesday February 7

Lola, who is flooded pinch emotion and anemic from her gruelling treatment, gets checked complete by a expert astatine location aft Billy and Jay go concerned .

The emotion of nan time continues erstwhile an unwelcome impermanent turns up connected their doorstep – Emma. As Lola makes a shocking find astir her past, will she beryllium capable to judge nan truth, and what does this mean for her narration pinch her mum?

Chelsea suspects thing is incorrect pinch Whitney, but she remains tight-lipped connected nan business erstwhile questioned successful beforehand of Finlay and Felix. In an effort to lighten nan mood, they big a movie nighttime to distract Whitney but are interrupted by a visitor.  

Zack struggles to travel to position pinch caller events, and breaks down to Sharon who has grown progressively worried for his wellbeing.

Still emotion ashamed astir his caller HIV diagnosis, Zack isn’t capable to bring himself to stock this news pinch Sharon conscionable yet, and alternatively reveals Whitney’s caller Omphalocele diagnosis.

Sharing wise words of proposal and drafting from her ain experiences of being a parent, Sharon vows to support her relative and encourages him to conflict for Whitney and nan baby. Feeling lighter having shared immoderate of his affectional turmoil.

Tensions statesman to emergence betwixt Nish and Phil astatine nan Mitchell family erstwhile nan anticipation of a caller business woody comes into question.

Suki warns Nish to enactment distant from nan Mitchells, but he ignores her proposal and enlists nan thief of consenting boy Vinny for a caller plan. 

Sonia heads to The Vic to reassure Reiss connected caller events. A suspicious Reiss convinces Sonia that it’s clip her caller lodger, Jed, recovered a caller home.   

Wednesday February 8

Nish and Vinny spell down Suki’s backmost and costs warfare connected nan Mitchells. An enraged Phil storms into nan Panesar location accusing Nish, but Suki quickly jumps to her husband’s defence, giving him an alibi.

Later that day, revenge is taken arsenic nan Minute Mart is turned upside down by an unwanted intruder. With Nish and Suki intelligibly rattled, Eve steps successful to thief clear up nan mess.

Back astatine home, Suki confronts Nish. A concerned Eve overhears nan blazing statement and heads to nan Minute Mart later that time to console Suki.

Whitney is frantic arsenic she misplaces her scan photograph astatine location earlier breaking down successful beforehand of Chelsea and revealing all. Chelsea comforts Whitney and shares words of proposal from her ain experiences.   

Lola agrees to meet Emma for lunch, and invites Jay on erstwhile she senses his hesitation towards nan meet. At The Vic it’s clear that Emma is wished to advancement her narration pinch Lola arsenic quickly arsenic imaginable to dress up for mislaid time.

Sonia struggles to find nan correct infinitesimal to fto Jed cognize that his clip arsenic her lodger is up.  

Thursday February 9

Determined to reaffirm his position arsenic caput of nan Panesar family empire, Nish puts his scheme successful action.

Later, Phil and Kat get for a tense luncheon pinch Suki and Nish to talk business.

Emma and Lola proceed to build their narration by looking done a bid of aged photographs. Lola loses way of clip and almost misses Lexi’s schoolhouse presentation.

After a chat pinch Billy and Jay, Lola realises she is spreading herself excessively bladed and decides to standard backmost connected nan magnitude of clip she is spending pinch Emma.

Reiss manages to find a way to evict Jed from Sonia’s home. Sonia is touched by Reiss’ support.

Linda prepares to look her first Valentine’s Day unsocial since Mick’s disappearance. 

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