EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson collects HIV medication as he vows to support Whitney Dean and the baby

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Zack Hudson (James Farrar) picked up his HIV medicine successful EastEnders shortly aft pledging to support Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and their unborn baby.

The bartender, arsenic viewers know, has been struggling to travel to terms pinch nan truth that he is HIV-positive and has contemplated confiding successful his loved ones.

Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) encouraged him to do conscionable that, offering him support and reiterating nan value of him collecting his medication, assuring him that HIV is nary longer a ‘death sentence’.

Whitney, meanwhile, has been struggling too, having precocious been told that her unborn kid has a information called omphalocele.

Omphalocele, arsenic described by nan doctor, is erstwhile a baby’s organs person developed connected nan extracurricular of its body. 

The information tin beryllium treated pinch room erstwhile nan kid has been born, but nan advisor was keen to tally further tests, hoping to find if it’s been caused by a familial syndrome aliases condition.

Whitney was told that, if it is caused by thing else, past location is simply a anticipation she could suffer her baby. The marketplace trader struggled to process specified information, and was adamant that everything was going to beryllium okay.

Zack learned nan news during Thursday’s (February 2) version of nan BBC One soap, and vowed to support Whitney – nary matter what.

Subsequent scenes saw him book a taxi to Walford General, wherever he picked up his HIV medication. Upon returning home, he bumped into Sam, who was pleased to spot him cod his prescription, encouraging him to beryllium honorable pinch Whitney.

What is Edwards’ Syndrome?

Edwards’ Syndrome is simply a uncommon but superior information wherever a babe has other copies of a chromosome which affects nan measurement it grows aliases develops.

Humans person 23 pairs of chromosomes. If a babe has Edwards’ syndrome, however, they person inherited an other transcript of chromosome 18, which tin lead to wellness problems. The information affects each kid differently.

In nan UK, astir 3 successful each 10,000 births are affected by Edwards’ syndrome.

Zack promised that he would but, first, he must beryllium location for her and her unborn kid correct now.

There will beryllium much reliable times up for nan parents, arsenic nan babe will beryllium diagnosed pinch Edwards’ Syndrome successful upcoming scenes.

EastEnders continues Monday February 6 astatine 7:30pm connected BBC One.

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