EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy hits back at critic over home-schooling daughter during strike

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EastEnders fable Natalie Cassidy has deed backmost astatine a professional aft sharing a saccharine station of her girl being home-schooled connected Instagram.

The Sonia Fowler character smiled alongside girl Joanie, who was not astatine schoolhouse owed to nan teachers’ strikes connected February 1.

Natalie decided to return matters into her ain hands, supporting nan strikes by choosing to home-school her girl instead.

‘Home schooling this morning. Is it huffy that I really miss it a small bit?!?’ She wrote, alongside nan image.

‘I person ever loved learning pinch my kids astatine home, I person ever bought tons of books to do if we person immoderate disposable time.

‘I’m not saying we do loads arsenic they request to chill retired and watch nan telly- but I person ever made it nosy and I do judge it has helped pinch their learning.

‘So I shall bask this greeting ( for astir an hr until she gets thing incorrect and rips nan book up- she’s a perfectionist) and support nan teachers today.’

While nan station received a batch of support, pinch group commenting things like: ‘Fair play to you, I’m gladsome personification is supporting nan teachers’, 1 personification didn’t work together pinch what Natalie had chosen to do.

‘Let nan mediocre point person a time disconnected learning and fto her chill its only 1 time ffs’.

The character responded to nan disapproval simply by saying, ‘she wants to do it’, followed by a smiley face.

Her comments were filled pinch different messages of support, peculiarly from striking teachers themselves.

‘Thanks for nan support. No-one goes into school wanting to strike. We emotion being successful nan schoolroom pinch nan children. Education needs due funding.!’ One personification wrote.

Another said: ‘Thank you that really intends a batch to teachers, if only much parents had this affirmative cognition to supporting their children’s learning!! Good luck’, followed by a fingers crossed and emotion bosom emoji.

When she’s not home-schooling, Natalie has been playing nan domiciled of Sonia successful EastEnders connected and disconnected since 1993.

She is presently progressive successful a caller storyline that has seen her taking things slow pinch newcomer Reiss (Jonny Freeman).

Reiss has precocious suggested that Sonia get a lodger successful bid to thief towards paying disconnected nan inheritance taxation connected Dot’s house, but was dismayed erstwhile she asked Jed (Bradley Jaden) to move successful alternatively of him.

Will Jed get successful nan measurement of this budding romance?

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