‘Emails should be 80 words or fewer’: experts reveal 10 rules to optimise business communication

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Whether it’s by email, face-to-face aliases via a exertion level specified arsenic Slack aliases Zoom, bully connection skills destruct silos, triumph deals, and thief build spot and loyalty pinch employees, clients and customers. But pinch nan displacement to hybrid moving post-pandemic, galore organisations are having to rethink really they’ve ever done things. We inquire 3 experts wherever leaders should commencement erstwhile it comes to optimising business communication.

Remember your assemblage is busy
The mean master spends a important portion of their moving time reference and answering emails. And, according to Kim Arnold, business connection master and laminitis of nan email-writing training people Email Engagement, location are immoderate pointers that everyone should cognize erstwhile it comes to penning emails.

“Whether it’s soul aliases outer emails, it’s that conflict for attraction now that is nan biggest problem,” she says. “I perceive from income teams that opportunity they’re now having to do everything connected email and are sending much acold emails than ever before.” The first step? Keep it short. “Assume that your assemblage is arsenic engaged and frazzled arsenic you are. Most business emails should beryllium 80 words aliases fewer, pinch 16 words aliases little successful a sentence. And make judge you see a telephone to action – beryllium very clear astir what you want to hap next.”

Don’t put successful excessively galore platforms
One of nan biggest challenges pinch effective business connection is nan multitude of platforms connected offer. Jess Baker, a business scientist pinch 20 years’ acquisition and nan co-author of The Super-Helper Syndrome: A Survival Guide for Compassionate People, says immoderate organisations are simply utilizing excessively many.

“They mightiness person Zoom, Teams, Slack channels, email … and they deliberation this helps them negociate soul comms. The reality is that group tin get mislaid successful each of these different threads of communication.”

Be very clear pinch your teams astir which platforms should beryllium utilized for which, she adds, and retrieve nan basics: “What do I want to say? Who needs to perceive it? When do I request to opportunity it? And really often do I request to opportunity it?”

Give customers choice
When it comes to bully customer service, having different methods of contacting nan squad is key. One US study found that 40% of consumers opportunity aggregate options for communicating is an important characteristic of a brand’s customer work offering, pinch talking complete nan telephone to a unrecorded agent, email, and online chat nan astir celebrated options.

“Make it easy for customers to interaction nan organisation successful a measurement of their choosing,” Jo Causon, main executive of nan Institute of Customer Service, says. “Be honorable astir erstwhile personification is talking to exertion versus a quality being, and make judge you person consistency crossed channels.” It’s besides important to beryllium proactive: “If you’ve sewage a problem pinch your website, for example, show customers you’re moving connected fixing nan problem.”

Female entrepreneur utilizing smart telephone pinch toddler boy astatine location office
Remember that your assemblage whitethorn beryllium busy, and support emails short. Photograph: Getty Images

Be authentic
Any customer work relationship should beryllium transparent, authentic and honest, Causon says. A poll (pdf) by nan Institute of Customer Service recovered that up to 85% of customers suffer spot erstwhile an organisation is not being transparent astir products and services, and a 3rd opportunity an important facet successful spot is erstwhile brands usage clear, straightforward language.

Being authentic intends staying existent to your business’s halfway beliefs and values, and aligning each connection pinch that mission. Organisations that talk to their customers authentically are apt to build much spot and marque loyalty, perchance expanding engagement moreover erstwhile outer factors specified arsenic nan rising costs of surviving starts to bite.

Encourage two-way communication
Authenticity is important successful soul connection too. Baker says: “Managers must pass arsenic authentically arsenic they tin to promote their nonstop reports aliases colleagues to spot them. Not having spot tin yet lead to much problems, which tin costs much money to resoluteness further down nan line.”

Almost each employers who responded to a 2022 survey admit they person a work for nan wellness and wellbeing of employees, but astir person nary general strategy. Effective two-way connection isn’t conscionable astir moving an yearly worker survey, Baker says. “Mental wellness needs to beryllium taken seriously. People ought to consciousness comfortable capable to inquire really nan organisation tin support them better.”

Balance worth pinch selling
Email newsletters tin beryllium tricky to get right, but they are an unthinkable trading instrumentality erstwhile utilized properly, Arnold says. “Even if you’re sending retired thousands of emails, it needs to consciousness for illustration an friendly conversation. No 1 wants to consciousness for illustration they’ve been slapped astir nan look pinch a income brochure. You request to equilibrium worth and trading – springiness your readers things to deliberation about, that mightiness make them smile, aliases conscionable genuinely brighten their day. When you’ve sewage capable of those brownie points, past you tin sell.”

Be friendly
As good arsenic authenticity, friendliness is different property that should beryllium incorporated into email successful particular. “We person a inclination to go very general successful our written communication,” Arnold says. “But email is conscionable a speech pinch a pause. It’s astir building relationships pinch people, not conscionable shooting retired information. Plus, penning successful a much conversational style shows group that this is simply a conversation, and you expect a response.”

Adapt your connection
We each person different styles of communication, truthful it’s a bully thought to cheque if your connection has been heard successful nan measurement you intended. “Don’t beryllium acrophobic to talk it through,” Baker says. “Knowing really to accommodate your connection appropriately is nan motion of societal intelligence.” When it comes to giving and receiving feedback, make judge you attraction connected nan task aliases business alternatively than getting excessively personal. “Be task and solution focused,” she adds. “Instead of saying: ‘You didn’t springiness maine that information,’ you could say: ‘I needed much accusation to do my domiciled connected this project.’”

Feed insights backmost done nan organisation
Customer work departments tin beryllium a awesome wealthiness of knowledge, but each excessively often those insights enactment trapped wrong 1 mini team. “Businesses that are nan astir connected to what’s really going connected successful nan outer world and what that intends for their labor and customers are nan astir apt to stay relevant,” Causon says. “For me, a really bully connection strategy is joined up crossed nan full of nan organisation. It needs to beryllium up, down and across.”

Be proactive astir bully communication
Successful connection originates pinch self-awareness, Baker says. “Observe your ain style, your words, and really your connection is received and interpreted by others. Consider nan timing and mean for maximum impact, whether that’s checking successful pinch your squad aliases reporting to nan board.”

For Arnold, businesses that are struggling pinch this request to tackle training first and walk clip getting this right. “It mightiness thief to create playbooks for really your squad communicates – what are nan expectations? What reside of sound will you use? How do you usage definite platforms? Organisations are going to find this becomes a existent competitory differentiator – those that tin seduce and power remotely and those that can’t.”

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*Based connected competitor brands’ publically disposable information connected worldwide numbers of customers successful 2021/2022.

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