Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who Caleb is in cahoots with after mystery phone call in plot to destroy Cain

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Emmerdale fans person been playing detective successful nan aftermath of nan latest twist, which confirmed that Caleb Milligan (William Ash) has serious ulterior motives.

Caleb has frankincense acold claimed that his only intent for being successful nan village is to get to cognize his family, who he’d ne'er met owed to Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) ordering him to stay distant decades ago.

Cain has refused to springiness him nan opportunity to settee in, and has unopen him down astatine each azygous area – that is, until immoderate advice from Charity (Emma Atkins), which yet changed his mind, arsenic he agreed to springiness Caleb a chance.

The alteration of bosom shocked Caleb, who took awesome pleasance successful quizzing his related astir his past arsenic they bonded complete a pint.

But each was not arsenic it seems, pinch nan ITV soap later revealing that Caleb is up to nary good, plotting to destruct Cain.

‘We’re yet making headway’, he said to an chartless different connected nan extremity of a telephone telephone soon aft his heart-to-heart pinch his brother. ‘We support reeling him successful until we get precisely what we want.’

Caleb is retired to return down his brother, apt upset complete nan measurement things turned retired – particularly nan truth that he ne'er sewage to cognize his mum Faith (Sally Dexter).

That overmuch we know. The question, however, is: conscionable who is he successful cahoots with?

Fan reckon they’ve worked it out, pinch a number of viewers believing nan enigma personification connected nan telephone telephone to be, hold for it, Nicky (Lewis Cope).

‘Could Caleb person been talking to Nicky nan Nanny connected nan phone?,’ speculated 1 viewer. ‘Reeling them successful whitethorn beryllium concerning Home Farm and not conscionable Cain and Chas.’

‘I deliberation Caleb is moving pinch Nicky,’ added different societal media user. ‘He’s still angry astir Cain lying astir Faith being dormant and he is retired for revenge.’

Could Caleb person been talking to Nicky nan Nanny connected nan phone? Reeling them successful whitethorn beryllium concerning Home Farm and not conscionable Cain and Chas .#Emmerdale

— terriwoods (@terriwoodschels) February 2, 2023

Interestingly, Nicky was already nan taxable of overmuch speculation, fixed that we cognize truthful small astir him, coupled pinch nan truth that he doesn’t person a surname connected nan extremity credits which, successful soapland, is often suggestive of a acheronian concealed – aliases a relationship to personification wrong nan village.

What’s more, Monday’s (January 31) offering of nan serial play saw Caleb look from nan Woolpack to break up a conflict betwixt Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and Sam Dingle (James cotton) complete nan missing watch saga.

Nicky soon followed, meaning that some he and Caleb had been successful nan pub connected their ain previously.

A coincidence? Or a motion of their alliance?

Both characters person ties to Home Farm, fixed that Caleb has signed connected nan dotted statement to spell into business with Kim Tate (Claire King), while Nicky useful arsenic nan nanny astatine nan property, truthful it’s imaginable that they could beryllium colluding together.

Emmerdale continues Friday February 3 astatine 7:30pm connected ITV1 and ITVX.

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