Emmerdale spoilers: Caleb Milligan exposed as undercover cop set to destroy Cain Dingle after shock death?

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Emmerdale fans’ theories that Caleb Milligan (William Ash) is harbouring a acheronian concealed have seemingly been confirmed, pinch nan newcomer up to nary bully wherever Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is concerned.

Caleb rocked up successful nan eponymous colony past year, revealing himself to beryllium Cain and Chas’ (Lucy Pargeter) long-lost sibling, who Cain disowned decades ago, ordering him to enactment away.

Despite Cain’s demands, Caleb was keen to get to cognize his loved ones, and he wasted small clip successful proving himself worthy, assisting successful getting Cain retired of situation and putting top-notch lawyers connected Kyle Winchester’s (Huey Quinn) case.

The newcomer seemed, for deficiency of a amended expression, for illustration nan cleanable long-lost sibling, truthful overmuch truthful that nan full Dingle clan person welcomed him pinch unfastened arms – isolated from Cain, that is, who had reservations astir why his relative has showed up aft each this time.

Was Cain being unfair?

It surely seemed that measurement astatine first, particularly fixed it was he who robbed Caleb disconnected a life pinch his mum Faith (Sally Dexter).

A immense caller twist, however, has suggested that Cain was conscionable correct to support Caleb astatine arm’s length, pinch Thursday’s (February 2) version of nan serial play revealing that nan suave and blase businessman is actually retired to destruct his large brother.

The outing successful mobility saw Cain fto his defender down, wished to not to fto his past dictate his coming and to study from wherever he’s gone incorrect previously.

The mechanic’s alteration of bosom was a nonstop consequence of immoderate proposal from Charity (Emma Atkins), who was rocked by nan news of rapist Mark Bails’ decease successful prison.

Caleb was taken aback by Cain’s desire to hide nan hatchet, and nan 2 siblings enjoyed arsenic pint and a crippled of darts successful nan Woolpack. What’s more, Cain moreover gave Caleb his blessing to walk immoderate clip pinch Kyle.

A caller brotherly enslaved forming? It seemed truthful – until nan episode’s concluding moments revealed that Caleb has a scheme to return Cain down. What’s more, he’s cahoots pinch a mysterious other, arsenic he made a telephone telephone pursuing nan day’s astonishing events.

‘We’re yet making headway’, he said to nan chartless personification connected nan different extremity of nan call. ‘We support reeling him successful until we get precisely what we want.’

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The mobility is: conscionable what is Caleb up to? What is it that he and this accomplice want? Could nan newcomer possibly beryllium an undercover cop, retired to summation Cain’s spot earlier obliterating him to smithereens?

Or is location thing other astatine play here? Is he even Cain and Chas’ brother? Only clip will tell, and you’ll conscionable person to support tuning successful to find out!

Emmerdale continues Friday February 3 astatine 7:30pm connected ITV1 and ITVX.

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