Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle set for worrying news from doctors after Sarah Sugden collapses

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Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) hasn’t had it easy successful Emmerdale. Leukaemia was followed by pharynx cancer, and nan broadside effects of nan treatment she had for this led to her needing a bosom transplant.

For personification truthful young it’s been a lot, and she and her family unrecorded pinch nan knowledge that her wellness could deteriorate astatine immoderate time.

So there’s hugely shocking news for Charity (Emma Atkins) successful upcoming episodes erstwhile Sarah falls sick and is rushed to infirmary – and nan circumstances of her illness are arsenic dramatic.

Sarah has already questioned Chloe (Jessie Elland) astir whether Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) could beryllium her baby’s father, thing which Chloe denied and Sarah seemed satisfied pinch her explanation.

But erstwhile Mackenzie tells Chloe that he’s yet decided to travel cleanable astir nan babe and show Charity everything, neither of them realise that Sarah has overheard them from upstairs. Just arsenic they’re astir to uncover their concealed to Charity, Sarah comes downstairs, struggling to breathe.

Thinking her worst fears person travel true, a terrified Charity orders Mack to telephone an ambulance and Sarah is rushed disconnected to hospital. Charity is distraught and arsenic Mack holds her he glances crossed to Chloe, making an unspoken promise that nan truth will person to wait.

Charity can’t thief herself from panicking and tells Mack that she ever worried astir Sarah’s life expectancy and is frightened that this is nan extremity for her granddaughter. Mack tries to beryllium reassuring but past they spot a expert stepping towards them.

Will Charity’s fears beryllium confirmed?

The Woolpack proprietor has been done a batch arsenic of late, pursuing nan news that rapist Mark Bails had died successful situation earlier he’d served his afloat sentence.

Is location much heartbreak connected nan sky successful nan shape of bad news regarding Sarah?

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