Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle shaken to the core as rapist Mark Bails dies in prison

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Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) was rocked to nan halfway successful Emmerdale aft uncovering retired that DI Mark Bails had died successful prison.

Bails, arsenic longtime viewers will recall, was a corrupt constabulary serviceman who made it his ngo to destruct Charity’s life upon his debut successful nan ITV soap 9 years ago.

It later emerged that nan erstwhile detective had many times raped Charity erstwhile she was 14 years old. Charity subsequently reported Bails, who was livid, and frankincense made it his ngo to get revenge.

The rapist re-appeared successful 2018, and nan afloat specifications of Charity’s ordeal came to light, arsenic she reported Bails for rape and abuse, which yet led to him opinionated trial, wherever he was sentenced to 30 years successful prison.

But earlier this week, she received a mysterious telephone call, pinch nan personification connected nan different extremity of nan line relaying immoderate news which near her heartbroken.

Thursday’s (February 2) version of nan ITV soap picked up nan pursuing day, pinch an affectional Charity contemplating nan news she had received, arsenic an puzzled Cain (Jeff Hordley) watched on.

Eager to get retired of nan village, Charity nicked nan keys to Caleb Milligan’s (William Ash) flash motor, which Cain witnessed, and contempt trying to talk her retired of nan theft, he yet accompanied her connected nan joyride.

Charity arrived astatine a cemetery, overmuch to Cain’s confusion, but each was made clear erstwhile he group his sights connected Bails’ headstone, arsenic Charity explained that nan rapist had died successful situation from a bosom attack.

The Woolpack proprietor was heartbroken by nan abuser’s passing, explaining to Cain that he was meant to suffer for overmuch longer for what he did to her.

Cain offered Charity immoderate words of advice, telling her that it’s ‘over’, but Charity made it clear that she resents nan truth that Bails didn’t service his lengthy sentence.

‘He ne'er regretted what he did to me, and now he gets to laic there,’ she said, earlier spitting connected his grave.

‘Death was excessively bully for you’, she past said to nan rapist successful affectional scenes.

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Afterwards, Charity and Cain bonded further, pinch nan erstwhile offering nan second immoderate proposal connected why it’s important to study from nan past and not fto it effect your future. Cain, for once, listened to her words of wisdom, and subsequently offered long-lost relative Caleb a pint – wished to make things right.

Charity, meanwhile, opened up to some Noah (Jack Downham) and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), while besides informing Ryan Stocks (James Moore) astir Bails’ demise.

Emmerdale continues Friday February 3 astatine 7:30pm connected ITV1 and ITVX.

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