Emmerdale spoilers: Charity to discover that Debbie is dead as she gets devastating news?

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Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) world has turned upside down aft a awesome telephone telephone successful past night’s Emmerdale and tonight, we will find retired what news she received.

The Woolpack proprietor was sitting successful nan surviving room pinch fellow Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) engaged making a mobile for a cot for pregnant Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

And past her telephone rang.

‘Are you sure?’, she exclaimed, evidently wounded by what she’d been told, struggling to travel to position pinch nan revelation.

As we study of Charity’s news tonight, it has sewage galore fans wondering what’s going connected – pinch immoderate fearing she whitethorn person been fixed accusation astir her daughter, Debbie (Charley Webb).

After nan Emmerdale Twitter relationship speculated who Charity could’ve been connected nan telephone to, galore users of nan societal media level wondered if Debbie whitethorn beryllium dead.

Debbie’s dead? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


What was that telephone about? Is Chris tate aliases Zoe tate still alive? Is Debbie dead? It’s thing superior #Emmerdale

— MIKE (@mikepriestley13) February 1, 2023

Aware of what’s up successful upcoming episodes, this instrumentality attempted to lick nan mystery.

They wrote:

‘After nan call, Charity goes disconnected pinch vodka, Caleb’s car and Cain. Why nan reaction? Zoe? She was mentioned recently. Vanessa? Something happened to her aliases Johnny. Has his take been revoked. Bails? Is released from jail. Debbie? Andy Sugden returns.’

After nan call, Charity goes disconnected pinch vodka, Caleb’s car, and Cain. Why nan reaction?

* Zoe? she was mentioned recently

* Vanessa? thing happened to her aliases Johnny. Has his take been revoked.

* Bails? Is released from jail

*Debbie? Andy Sugden returns

— Jorjah McLeod (@jorjah_mac) February 1, 2023

The mentation relating to Andy comes after character Kelvin Fletcher said he would reprise his domiciled and return to nan Dales, but are they correct?

Debbie was past seen successful nan ITV soap backmost successful 2020, but pinch Charley Webb antecedently confirming she has decidedly near nan role, could we beryllium astir to say goodbye to her forever?

‘What she hears shocks her and sends her flying disconnected nan handle,’ Emma told us, reacting to Charity’s news. ‘She’s rather volatile successful her guidance and rather reckless successful nan adjacent point that she does.

‘She sees that Caleb has dropped his car keys and she conscionable feels reckless and grabs nan keys. Then Cain catches her doing it and she instantly becomes this teenage woman again and wants to conscionable beryllium rebellious.

‘Who amended to beryllium rebellious pinch than her sidekick backmost from her teenage years. So she says to Cain, “You mightiness person witnessed it but that now makes you my accomplice.” Cain tries to get retired of nan car but she whizzes disconnected astatine a gait truthful it’s intolerable for him to get out.’

During nan aftermath, Charity is progressive successful a large stunt, thing Emma really enjoyed filming:

‘It’s funny actually, because we changeable it and I sewage to do my ain stunt,’ she said. ‘There was a muffin and a cup of java connected nan tile of nan car and I had to propulsion distant really fast. It jolted nan muffin disconnected nan car and I loved it!’

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