Euphoria star Chloe Cherry charged after allegedly stealing $28 blouse from Pennsylvania shop

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Euphoria prima Chloe Cherry has been accused of stealing a $28 (£22.89) blouse from a shopping centre successful her hometown.

The 25-year-old is champion known for playing Faye, nan woman of Custer (Tyler Chase), a supplier supplier who useful pinch Fez (Angus Cloud), successful nan 2nd play of the  Zendaya-lead teen drama.

Earlier this month, nan character was charged pinch misdemeanour theft aft an alleged incident astatine nan Building Character shopping centre successful Lancaster, Pennsylvania, according to ineligible documents obtained by People.

A witnesser told TMZ Cherry took nan $28 blouse into a dressing room earlier leaving without paying, contempt paying for different items pinch a in installments card, successful December.

According to nan source, erstwhile constabulary sewage involved, nan OnlyFans exemplary admitted she took nan blouse and returned it to nan officer, but her typical denied that happened.

Her spokesperson said: ‘In December, location was disorder complete a blouse that wasn’t decently charged to my client’s in installments card.

‘In nary measurement did she “admit” to taking nan blouse, since that was not nan case. This communicative seems to beryllium much astir a section shop trading connected a celebrity’s sanction much than thing else.’

Building Character proprietor Marty Hulse said nan blouse was taken from nan Jenny and nan Clowder seller and Cheery was tracked utilizing information cameras.

He told section news outlet Lancaster Online, according to MailOnline: ‘Most times, erstwhile we find group who are shoplifting, we don’t find them successful nan act.

‘They’ll return nan tag disconnected of it and propulsion it somewhere. Then we spot nan tag, and we tin find them connected nan camera and wherever it came from, and that’s precisely what happened.

‘I cognize it sound piddly, but erstwhile it comes down to it, we’re each mini businesses. You’re stealing from your neighbours.’

Lancaster City Bureau of Police person yet to comment.

Cherry is scheduled to spell to tribunal for a preliminary proceeding connected February 22.

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