Former England captain Michael Vaughan joins calls for Shane Warne to replace the Queen on Australian banknotes

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Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has joined calls for Australia cricket fable Shane Warne to switch nan Queen connected Australian banknotes.

A image of nan precocious Queen Elizabeth II appears connected nan existent creation of Australia’s 5 dollar note.

But Australia’s cardinal backmost announced this week that King Charles III will not characteristic connected nan caller design.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said nan caller creation would salary tribute to ‘the civilization and history’ of Indigenous Australians.

‘The Reserve Bank has decided to update nan $5 banknote to characteristic a caller creation that honours nan civilization and history of nan First Australians,’ a connection read.

‘This caller creation will switch nan image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The different broadside of nan $5 banknote will proceed to characteristic nan Australian Parliament.

‘This determination by nan Reserve Bank Board follows consultation pinch nan Australian government, which supports this change.

‘The Bank will consult pinch First Australians successful designing nan $5 banknote. The caller banknote will return a number of years to beryllium designed and printed.

‘In nan meantime, nan existent $5 banknote will proceed to beryllium issued. It will beryllium capable to beryllium utilized moreover aft nan caller banknote is issued.’

Queen Elizabeth II, who died past twelvemonth astatine nan property of 96, has featured connected Australian notes since 1953.

King Charles became nan British monarch aft his mother’s decease but Australia has chosen not to characteristic Charles connected nan 5 dollar note, though will look connected nan country’s coins.

It has been suggested that Australia cricket leader Warne should beryllium celebrated connected slope notes ex-England skipper Vaughan supports nan idea.

He tweeted: ‘Couldn’t deliberation of a amended measurement to observe nan King Australia.’

Warne, regarded arsenic 1 of nan champion cricketers of each time, died past twelvemonth astatine nan property of 52. He took 708 Test wickets, nan 2nd astir of each time, crossed a sensational 15-year world career.

As nan British monarch, King Charles is besides nan caput of authorities of Australia, New Zealand and 12 different Commonwealth realms extracurricular nan United Kingdom, though nan domiciled is mostly ceremonial.

The determination to salary tribute to Indigenous Australians connected nan caller 5 lb statement has been wide celebrated.

‘This is simply a monolithic triumph for nan grassroots, First Nations group who person been fighting to decolonise this country,’ said Lidia Thorpe, a Greens legislator and DjabWurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman.

First Nations group are believed to person lived successful Australia for astatine slightest 65,000 years earlier British colonisation.

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