Gary Glitter freed from jail after serving half of his 16-year sentence – reports

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Gary Glitter has been freed from situation aft serving half of his 16-year sentence for intersexual maltreatment crimes, it has been reported.

The erstwhile popular star, who had a drawstring of floor plan hits successful nan 1970s, was jailed successful 2015 for sexually abusing 3 schoolgirls.

PA Media said it understood nan 79-year-old near HMP The Verne – a low-security class C jailhouse successful Portland, Dorset – connected Friday aft 8 years down bars.

He was freed automatically halfway done a fixed-term determinate condemnation and will beryllium taxable to licence conditions.

Glitter, whose existent sanction is Paul Gadd, was astatine nan tallness of his fame erstwhile he preyed connected his susceptible victims who thought nary 1 would judge their claims complete that of a celebrity.

He attacked 2 girls, aged 12 and 13, aft inviting them backstage to his dressing room, and isolating them from their mothers. His 3rd unfortunate was younger than 10 years aged erstwhile he crept into her furniture and tried to rape her successful 1975.

The allegations only came to ray astir 40 years later erstwhile Glitter became nan first personification to beryllium arrested nether Operation Yewtree – nan investigation launched by nan Metropolitan constabulary aft nan Jimmy Savile scandal.

Sentencing nan singer, judge Alistair McCreath said each nan victims were “profoundly affected” by nan abuse. He said it was “difficult to overstate nan gravity of this dreadful behaviour” erstwhile referring to nan battle connected 1 victim, telling Glitter he was capable to onslaught different “only” because of his fame.

The tribunal heard location was nary grounds Glitter had atoned for his actions aft he was recovered blameworthy of 1 count of attempted rape, 1 count of unlawful intersexual intercourse pinch a woman nether 13, and 4 counts of indecent assault.

He later mislaid a tribunal of entreaty situation against his conviction.

Glitter’s autumn from grace occurred years earlier aft he admitted possessing 4,000 kid pornography images and was jailed for 4 months successful 1999. In 2002, he was expelled from Cambodia amid reports of activity crime allegations, and successful March 2006, he was convicted of sexually abusing 2 girls, aged 10 and 11, successful Vietnam and spent two-and-a-half years successful jail.

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