Give plant-based superfoods a go – from protein balls to caramel cups

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Sweet treats and nutrient transportation services don’t person to beryllium unhealthy.

There are macromolecule balls packed pinch goodness, and vegan-friendly caramel cups that are free from gluten, refined sweetener and dairy.

If you want to reap benefits of superfoods but person nary clip to cook, there’s besides a nutrient work that delivers meals to your doorway that you’d only person to power up.

Here, we explicate nan benefits of these products that beforehand health.

Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen macromolecule balls

Healthy eating guru Juicy Lucy, aka Londoner Lucy Brosé, is each astir nan balls – macromolecule balls, that is. Super-nutritious and packed pinch plant-based ingredients, they’re a tasty measurement to springiness your assemblage what it needs.

From nan Nourish Balls – ginger, turmeric, hemp seeds and brazil nuts – to the, ahem, Golden Balls, pinch integrated cashew food and nuts, on pinch soups and salads, they’re a one-stop superfood shop.

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Special superfood deliveries pinch Foodhak

Plant-based-meal transportation work Foodhak is encouraging customers to make sustainable nutrient choices astatine location by reducing their nutrient intake. Its ready-to-eat, healthy, anti-inflammatory meals are tailored to individual needs, whether focusing connected weight-loss, immunity support aliases lowering cholesterol.

Its meals see apricot and oliva tagine and ayurvedic Punjabi curry. Delicious, filling, debased successful calories and packed pinch superfoods, they’ll thief shed nan pounds and springiness an other power boost into nan bargain.

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Deliciously Ella’s caramel cups

Food writer ‘Deliciously’ Ella Mills started her quest to eat much healthily aft being diagnosed pinch a information that attacked her tense system. She group astir trying to amended her information done fare and lifestyle, and turned to a plant-based diet, which helped immensely.

Since then, she’s launched a nutrient blog, written cookbooks and recipes and created a scope of patient products. You’ll find everything from meal cereals, oat bars, caramel cups, cocoa bars, seed food balls and stiff desserts pinch Ella.

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