Google Keep vs. Google Tasks: What's the Difference?

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Are you confused betwixt Google Keep and Google Tasks? Find retired nan differences and fig retired which 1 is champion for your productivity needs.

Two app logos broadside by side

While Google doesn’t connection a clear task guidance app for illustration Notion aliases ClickUp, you’ll find Google Keep and Google Tasks wrong its suite of tools. At first glance, these apps look similar. They some connection a speedy spot to jot down your to-dos and negociate reminders.

But there’s much to them than notes and checklists. So what are nan differences betwixt Google Keep and Google Tasks? And which 1 would beryllium amended for you? Keep reference to find out.

Google Keep vs. Google Tasks: How They Differ

Stick statement app successful Google Workspace

Working successful Google Keep is overmuch for illustration a integer bulletin board. As you adhd notes aliases checklists to your board, you tin customize, rearrange, and pin them. Once you decorativeness an item, you tin delete aliases archive them for later.

You tin besides tag your notes to information up akin ideas utilizing labels. Basically, you get nan nosy of beingness stickies successful various agleam yet subtle inheritance colors mixed pinch nan statement of productivity software.

To do database successful broadside barroom of integer calendar

Google Tasks is leaner and brings your attraction to 1 to-do database astatine a time. While you tin create multiple, you tin move betwixt them to position their contents. This is an fantabulous solution for those who want to limit distractions. While it doesn’t connection overmuch beyond listing tasks, adding subtasks, and putting stars beside what’s astir important, its minimal features make it that overmuch much focused.

Both of these apps are disposable connected your smartphone. Unlike Google Keep, Google Tasks is not a stand-alone web app successful Google Workspace. You tin find it successful nan toolbar of your Google Apps for illustration Google Calendar and Gmail. If you're a Chrome user, you tin besides use nan Google Keep extension to thief you enactment organized.

Google Keep vs. Google Tasks: Reminders

To-do database app reminder notifications

There are many ways to optimize your to-do database successful Google Keep. One measurement is you tin group day and clip reminders. Doing this sends you a browser notification pinch nan statement aliases to-do list’s contents. Once you adjacent it, it doesn’t nonstop another.

Task reminder successful almanac app

For those that mightiness request nan other push, adding day reminders to Google Tasks will automatically spot a marker astatine nan apical of your Google Calendar for that day. You tin besides delegate a clip if you want, but it won’t get successful nan measurement of appointments. It conscionable hangs retired location until you cheque it off.

Google Keep vs. Google Tasks: Use Cases

There are galore ways you could usage Google Keep. Using labels, Google Keep tin besides beryllium a multipurpose readying tool. Here are immoderate suggestions:

  • Swift to-do lists and notes—write tasks and accusation down instantly to debar forgetting them. Since they’re each successful nan aforesaid place, you won’t suffer them. Tag them note aliases to-do, and benignant aliases return action connected them erstwhile you person time.
  • Mood board—quickly prevention images to Google Keep arsenic you travel crossed them.
  • Inspiration and reference—whether you're moving connected imaginative projects aliases you’re redecorating, cod images and ideas arsenic they travel truthful you tin position them each successful nan aforesaid spot later.
  • Social media planning—upload images and draught your transcript wrong Google Keep. When you’re ready, transcript and paste it complete to your relationship and post. Add reminders if you want to scheme ahead.
  • Scrapbooking and journaling—want to archive a travel aliases event? Gather everything successful Google Keep and make notes arsenic you go.

Thanks to its versatility and ocular elements, you tin get imaginative pinch Google Keep. But location are besides benefits to minimal apps for illustration Google Tasks.

Task reminder successful almanac app

While it’s not a multipurpose tool, it’s an fantabulous companion app. Google Tasks tags on pinch you crossed Google Workspace, which intends it’s location pinch you arsenic you work. Google Keep is too, but pinch Google Tasks, you attraction connected 1 database astatine a time.

Google Tasks pairs good pinch Gmail because you tin instantly adhd action items from your inbox, it teams up pinch your almanac to springiness you an other nudge, and really you tin create a database for conscionable astir thing and support it unfastened arsenic you tackle spreadsheets and documents.

Google Keep vs. Google Tasks: Collaboration

Google Keep allows you to stock notes, lists, and images pinch personification else. Google Tasks doesn't connection immoderate collaboration features, which is awesome if your scheme is to draught lists conscionable for you. The limitation keeps nan attraction connected you and your to-do list. So, if you’re looking for a spot to squad up pinch others, Google Keep is nan measurement to go.

Two to-do database accounts pinch shared items

When you stock an point successful Google Keep, it will show up successful their relationship immediately, and nonstop an email notification letting them cognize it’s there. It carries complete arsenic is, minus immoderate labels aliases colour coding, truthful your collaborator tin shape things successful their ain way.

Since Google Keep continually adds items to 1 place, labeling is adjuvant successful helping you find them later. If you often stock pinch nan aforesaid person, you could create a explanation pinch their sanction to find their notes quickly. If you activity pinch various people, you could create a shared label. Or, if you’re collaborating connected aggregate projects, simply tag them pinch a fitting name.

Which One Is Better?

Google Keep is an fantabulous combo of productivity and organization. If you don’t mind a spot of everything successful 1 place, it’s apt nan amended prime if you bask a spot of customization and colour coding. It’s besides an easy spot to occurrence disconnected your thoughts and ideas without losing them connected a beingness sticky statement aliases a spot of paper. While that whitethorn sound chaotic, pinning and labeling will thief you find items again later.

Google Tasks is minimal and focused. While you tin create aggregate to-do lists, you tin only position 1 astatine a time, keeping your attraction connected nan task astatine hand. It’s an fantabulous companion app for those that usage Google Workspace.

But moreover if you only usage it connected your phone, nan app has nary excess features to distract you. If you’re looking for an app for quick, no-frills checklists yet hard-to-ignore reminders, Google Tasks is apt worthy a try.

Get Planning With These Google Apps

Whether you take Google Keep for its productivity aliases Google Tasks for its focus, some apps are disposable astatine nary costs successful your browser aliases nan app shop connected your phone. All you request is simply a Google account, and you’re fresh to go.

Best of all, you tin usage these apps alongside Workspace, aliases connected their ain if you for illustration different software. If, aft reference this, you still can't decide, why not effort some and spot which 1 useful champion for you first-hand?

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