Graham Potter responds to claims he will not be sacked if Chelsea miss out on top four

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Graham Potter has played down suggestions his early astatine Chelsea is tied to finishing successful nan apical 4 this play and insists he is hopeless to decorativeness arsenic precocious arsenic possible.

The big-spending Blues went connected a £250million spree successful nan January window, bringing successful 9 caller faces, but caller reports claimed nan club’s level are consenting to backmost Potter moreover if his new-look broadside decorativeness extracurricular nan Champions League spaces.

Chelsea are presently 10th and 10 points adrift of nan apical four, and Potter insists his attraction is not connected catching nan leaders but simply improving nan squad connected a game-by-game basis.

Initially asked astir Chelsea’s caller owners, Potter told Sky Sports: ‘People presume a batch astir really nan owners are and I deliberation it’s astir apt champion to conscionable inquire them.’

Probed further connected whether they person told him he does not request to suffice for nan Champions League this season, Potter smiled and replied: ‘Again, inquire them.

‘I mean, our ambition is to effort and do arsenic good arsenic we tin betwixt now and nan extremity of nan play and you person to do that by winning nan adjacent match.

‘The ambition will ne'er beryllium to decorativeness fourth, aliases to decorativeness third, aliases to decorativeness second! That’s nan ambition of this nine and that’s to win.

‘We’re trying to do that and nan signings we’ve tried to make successful this model are signings that bespeak that’s our intention. But astatine nan aforesaid clip we understand nan process we’re successful and nan position we’re successful and we person to conscionable support working.’

Although Chelsea person unveiled a horde of caller signings, only 3 tin beryllium added to their Champions League squad for nan knockout stages meaning immoderate costly additions will person to miss out.

‘They are difficult conversations, that’s for sure. In an perfect world, an optimal world, you wouldn’t want to beryllium having them,’ Potter continued.

‘But that’s my occupation and that’s what I’m present to do, and you’ve sewage to do it – and past you’ve sewage to do it successful a respectful and honorable and transparent way.

‘Respect nan truth that location will beryllium disappointment and vexation and to let for that and past to thief them spell forward.’

On really he will find who misses out, Potter added: ‘You conscionable person to look astatine nan correct combination, nan correct equilibrium of nan group and return nan reliable decisions.

‘They’re not easy decisions astatine all, because we’ve sewage a batch of players who tin put guardant a beardown lawsuit for being progressive successful immoderate squad aliases immoderate team.

‘So that’s our challenge, but it’s not thing I tin kick astir that’s for sure! It’s portion of nan occupation present and I’m really looking guardant to taking it and doing arsenic good arsenic I can.’

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