Hollyoaks spoilers: Charlie Dean jailed again in heartbreaking scenes over Vicky Grant drugs tragedy?

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Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) could beryllium looking astatine different agelong wrong successful Hollyoaks, aft Vicky Grant (Anya Lawrence) ended up successful a superior information during nan camping trip.

The teen, arsenic viewers will recall, was antecedently groomed and manipulated into trading narcotics by Jordan Price (Connor Calland), who was moving for crime leader Victor Brothers (Benjamin O’Mahoney).

The storyline, which received acclaim, reached a melodramatic highest astatine Christmas a number of years ago, pinch Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer), who was besides groomed into dealing, stabbing Jordan pinch a weapon successful a bid to protect Charlie.

Refusing to fto Ella return nan blame, Charlie told nan constabulary that he was responsible for nan crime and frankincense was arrested and taken to prison.

His life spiralled retired of control while down bars, which was made worse erstwhile Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn) deliberately leaked his sanction online in a bid to detract from her girl Ella, who was contemplating coming clean.

Charlie was eventually freed from captivity, pinch Ella being arrested aft admitting her domiciled successful nan murder, and some teens later returned to nan village, keen to make caller starts.

But it could each extremity successful disaster erstwhile much for Charlie, who is perchance successful problem aft a camping travel which he organised ended successful tragedy.

A group of boys turned up successful nan woods and proceeded to connection retired drugs, pinch Leah Barnes (Ela-May Demircan) taking some, earlier encouraging Vicky to do nan same.

Vicky collapsed and was rushed to nan hospital, arsenic nan village’s concerned parents tried desperately to find retired what happened – and who was to blame.

Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) demanded answers from Charlie, reiterating that he could beryllium successful problem pinch nan rule fixed nan truth that nan narcotics were recovered successful his tent.

With nary grounds to beryllium that these nameless lads were nan ones to blame, is Charlie’s state astatine liking erstwhile more?

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The teen cried his eyes retired connected nan stairs arsenic Darren and Nancy (Jessica Fox) tried desperately to make immoderate consciousness of what happened.

Leah, meanwhile, received a matter from Charlie, pleading pinch her to support shtum, but will she work together to do so? This matter message, coupled pinch a video connected his device, could surely activity against him if taken retired of context.

Hollyoaks continues Friday February 3 astatine 7pm connected E4 aliases watercourse nan adjacent section from midnight connected All4.

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