How a smart money app can turn your naughty purchases into something nice

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Ever find yourself giving into nan enticement to get a takeaway aft a agelong time astatine work? Or snapping up a apical that catches your oculus moreover though you don’t really request it?  

Well, you’re not unsocial – we’re only human! But alternatively than simply emotion blameworthy astir these kinds of non-essential purchases, what if they could besides lead to something positive?   

Fortunately, they now tin acknowledgment to an ingenious money redeeming instrumentality from nan clever clogs astatine smart money app Plum. 

Known arsenic nan ‘Naughty Rule’, it’s a characteristic you tin alteration connected nan Plum app to automatically group speech money erstwhile you bargain thing from a retailer you see a blameworthy pleasure. 

You tin take from a action of the 50 astir celebrated retailers utilized by Plum customers and prevention an magnitude ranging from £1 (for purchases that are only mildly mischievous) to £10 (for those that are genuinely villainous!). 

Once nan Naughty Rule has been afloat enabled, Plum will make 1 other redeeming per time erstwhile you walk astatine nan retailer utilizing a linked relationship aliases Plum paper – either online aliases successful store.  

The mean Plum customer goes to a definite accelerated nutrient burger associated 17 times a year, truthful if you group your deposit to £10, by nan extremity of nan twelvemonth you could person an other £170 stashed away. 

The Naughty Rule, which astatine first will beryllium disposable pinch Plum’s Ultra and Premium subscription plans, is simply a awesome measurement to easiness your guilt complete unnecessary aliases royal spending. 

Alternatively, nan norm could service arsenic a deterrent to extremity you spending successful nan first place.

It’s a awesome illustration of really Plum uses nan powerfulness of automation to thief you find caller and inventive ways to prevention much money. 

The app can link each your slope accounts and cards successful 1 spot to get a complete position of your income and spending, before artificial intelligence (AI) exertion useful retired really overmuch you tin spend to prevention each truthful often. 

You tin take to prevention money into an Interest Pocket paying up to 2.70% AER*. Please statement that nan rate Plum offers whitethorn alteration successful nan future. 

And nan app boasts tons much devices to make nan process of redeeming simpler to thief you put speech moreover much cash. 

Round Ups, for example, will information up your transactions to nan nearest £1 and transportation nan spare change, while Pay Day automatically sets speech a group magnitude each clip you person your salary. 

Find your temper taking a dive erstwhile damp upwind leaves you stuck astatine home? 

If you alteration Rainy Days, Plum will automatically prevention other rate each time it rains wherever you unrecorded – helping you support a sunny disposition arsenic you deliberation of nan affirmative effect connected your finances. 

Another celebrated savings norm is nan 52-Week Challenge, which will squirrel distant £1 connected your behalf successful week 1 and £2 successful nan second, earlier moving up to £52 successful nan last week. By nan extremity of nan year, you’ll person saved a hefty £1,378! 

Using automation to regularly prevention small, affordable amounts is simply a awesome measurement to build up your savings complete clip – moreover if deposits are triggered by a random event. 

You tin summation aliases alteration really overmuch Plum sets speech by selecting a savings ‘mood’. For example, ‘Beast Mode’ will summation your contributions by 75%, while connected ‘Shy’ you’ll group speech 50% less. 

But ace smart redeeming isn’t nan only advantage of putting money speech pinch Plum.

The app scans your inferior bills to cheque if you’re being overcharged and could prevention money by switching to a caller provider. It will crunch each nan numbers and tin thief you switch.  

The app besides helps you to commencement investing successful nan banal market.

Choose betwixt a hand-picked scope of finance costs classed by taxable and level of risk, pinch nan action of diversifying your portfolio pinch institution stocks starting from conscionable £1.  

Plum’s costs are grouped astir themes, including ethical considerations for illustration nan situation and societal responsibility, and each has its ain consequence level. 

You tin besides put successful fractional shares from immoderate of nan world’s best-known companies, pinch much than 3,000 brands presently connected offer. Although immoderate charges will still apply, each these trades are commission-free.**

Keep successful mind that arsenic pinch each investing, your superior is astatine risk, meaning nan worth of your investments tin spell down arsenic good arsenic up. 


The financial world tin beryllium a confusing spot – but 1 point everyone wants to beryllium 100% definite astir is that their money is successful safe hands. 

More than 1.5 cardinal customers already spot Plum to support their money safe, and nan app uses encryption and look and fingerprint ID for added security.

Plum is regulated by nan Financial Conduct Authority and money held successful an Interest Pocket is covered by nan Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to a full of £85,000 per customer. There are besides safeguards for a non-interest earning pocket, specified arsenic a Primary Pocket, which is protected by nan E-Money Safeguarding Rules.

If you ever request help, friends customer support teams are disposable 7 days a week.

*Easy Access Interest Pockets are provided by Investec Bank Plc.

**Other regulatory fees and FX charges still apply.

Capital astatine consequence if you invest. You shouldn’t put successful aliases woody successful immoderate financial merchandise unless you afloat understand it and nan inherent risks. If you automate and put you should beryllium satisfied your choices are suitable successful ray of your financial position and circumstances.

Plum does not supply finance proposal and individual investors should make their ain decisions aliases activity independent advice. The worth of investments tin spell up arsenic good arsenic down and you whitethorn get backmost little than your original investment.

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