How to Boost Your Typing Speed With TypingAid

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Are you looking for ways to type faster? TypingAid is simply a clever and astir afloat automated AutoHotkey book that provides connection suggestions arsenic you type.

Typing "Nebuchadnezzar" pinch TypingAid whitethorn only return 4 aliases 5 keystrokes - and, arsenic a bonus, will beryllium typo-free. Here's really you tin usage TypingAid arsenic your typing assistant.

What Is TypingAid for Windows?

You tin use AutoHotkey to make app-specific hotkeys that alteration what nan aforesaid cardinal combinations "do" depending connected nan progressive app. But it's besides imaginable to pat its GUI functionality to, for example, make your ain speedy note-taking app pinch AutoHotkey.

Out of thing you tin do pinch it, there's 1 task not worthy pursuing: utilizing AutoHotKey to "map" misspelled words to their correct versions. Why walk nan clip connected specified an endeavor erstwhile there's TypingAid?

TypingAid is an AutoHotKey book that compares what you're typing to a database of words and suggests matches. This way, not only tin you destruct typos, but besides type overmuch faster.

Like nan "predictive text" characteristic connected phones, TypingAid lets you half-type words and take their "complete versions" from a pop-up menu.

We should statement that we've already covered nan usefulness of predictive matter solutions successful our article connected various hacks to thief you type faster, so, make judge to cheque that out, too.

What's champion is that TypingAid "learns" caller words and adds them to its database aft you type them X times (the number is configurable). Thus, nan much you usage it, nan amended it becomes astatine recommending position you usage based connected your vocabulary and penning style.

How to Download & Install TypingAid

Download nan script/app from TypingAid's charismatic Github page. By default, it comes successful a compressed archive. Extract it successful immoderate files you like, and tally nan executable among nan remainder of nan files to usage TypingAid.

TypingAid GitHub Page

Note that TypingAid is besides disposable successful its original AutoHotkey book format. If you download this version, you'll besides request to person AutoHotkey installed to usage it. You'll find that astatine AutoHotkey's charismatic site.

AutoHotkey Official Site

With AutoHotkey installed, extract nan archive pinch nan AHK type of TypingAid. In this case, alternatively of an executable, nan record from which you tin motorboat nan app is TypingAid.ahk.

TypingAid Exe and AHK Versions

You tin empower TypingAid to connection suggestions from nan get-go alternatively of waiting for it to populate its database from scratch pinch nan words you're writing. For that, though, you'll request a wordlist.

Wordlists are what enables astir predictive matter solutions to admit words and phrases and connection suggestions connected really to proceed. As their sanction states, they're conscionable lists of words, usually stored successful a emblematic matter file—one per statement aliases separated by commas.

You tin make a wordlist from scratch pinch your favourite text-editing app, for illustration Notepad. TypingAid automates this process, adding immoderate words you type complete X times to its wordlist.

Still, it's champion to usage an existing wordlist pinch celebrated position to jump-start TypingAid.

You tin find galore wordlists connected TypingAid's GitHub page. Choose nan 1 you prefer, and prevention it into nan aforesaid files wherever you've extracted TypingAid's main script/app. Rename nan record to Wordlist.txt for TypingAid to admit it and import its contents.

Then, tally TypingAid.

How to Configure TypingAid

TypingAid will beryllium idle successful nan Windows tray aft you tally it and outpouring to life erstwhile you statesman typing successful immoderate window. However, it's champion to walk a fewer minutes mounting it up to your preferences earlier you commencement utilizing it. Right-click connected its Windows tray icon and prime Settings.

TypingAid Settings

Let's spot nan basal settings worthy tweaking successful TypingAid.

1. General Settings

On nan General Settings page, you tin tweak TypingAid's "behavior".

TypingAid Settings General
  • If you move Learn caller words arsenic you type to off, TypingAid will only connection suggestions that already beryllium successful nan loaded Wordlist. Leave nan action turned connected to person TypingAid study caller words that you type.
  • Minimum magnitude of connection to learn restricts which caller words TypingAid tin "learn", based connected their number of characters. If you time off it astatine nan predefined worth of 5, it won't, for example, "learn" nan connection "fuse", nary matter really galore times you type it. It will only "learn" words pinch astatine slightest 5 letters.
  • Add to wordlist aft X times defines really galore times you must type nan aforesaid chartless connection for TypingAid to adhd it to its Wordlist.
  • Look astatine nan checkboxes nether Auto Complete Keys and alteration nan ones you want to usage for choosing 1 of TypingAid's suggestions. This writer likes utilizing nan Tab, Number Keys, Enter, and Single Click.
  • If TypingAid can't "send" matter to immoderate apps, alteration nan Send Method pinch which it "pushes" matter to nan progressive window.
  • By changing Type abstraction aft autocomplete to On, TypingAid will besides adhd a "space" characteristic aft immoderate connection it sends to an app truthful that you tin instantly commencement typing nan adjacent one.

2. Wordlist Box

The options connected nan Wordlist Box page impact really TypingAid presents its suggestions.

TypingAid Settings Wordlist Box
  • Change nan number nether Maximum number of results to show to nan number of suggestions you'd for illustration to see.
  • Show wordlist aft X characters defines really galore characters you'll person to type for TypingAid to commencement showing suggestions.
  • It's champion if you time off Show learned words first to On, arsenic it will guarantee nan words TypingAid learned from you will look earlier nan words that already existed successful its generic Wordlist.
  • The remainder of nan options impact nan quality of nan proposal container that pops up arsenic you're typing. You tin tweak them to alteration wherever nan container appears (List appears X pixels beneath cursor), its font, its opacity, and truthful on. You tin time off them arsenic they are since their effects are chiefly aesthetic.

3. Programs

The Programs page lets you take nan apps and windows wherever TypingAid will beryllium active.

TypingAid Settings Programs

There are abstracted fields for defining wherever TypingAid will beryllium either enabled aliases disabled.

TypingAid Settings Programs Selecting an App

It's easy to see aliases exclude immoderate app aliases model by clicking connected Edit adjacent to nan due enabled aliases abnormal field, and selecting 1 of nan progressive windows from nan pull-down menu, aliases typing its sanction yourself.

4. Advanced

We propose you skip this section, isolated from for nan uncommon lawsuit wherever you want to customize TypingAid's Terminating Characters. If that word sounds alien, that's precisely why astir group won't person to tweak thing here!

TypingAid Settings Advanced

In different words, if you request nan options here, you'll besides cognize really to tweak them. If not, time off them arsenic they are.

Putting TypingAid Into Action

With everything group up, you tin instantly commencement utilizing TypingAid to boost your typing velocity successful immoderate app.

Try entering immoderate matter successful Notepad, Microsoft Word, your favourite browser, etc. After 2 aliases 3 characters (depending connected really you've configured TypingAid), you'll spot TypingAid's suggestions container popular up adjacent to your cursor.

TypingAid Active successful Word

You tin property 1 of nan Auto Complete Keys (like Tab aliases Enter) to take nan pre-selected connection and person it switch nan characters you've typed, conscionable for illustration your smartphone's autocomplete.

Or, if you're besides utilizing nan Number (Auto Complete) Keys, property a number from nan apical statement of your keyboard to straight prime that connection from TypingAid's proposal database without having to click connected it pinch your mouse.

TypingAid: The Mind-Reading Typing Assistant for Windows

A predictive matter solution for illustration TypingAid tin dramatically trim nan clip spent typing. It tin thief you create aliases edit documents faster and pinch less errors.

Additionally, by learning nan words you usage nan astir and taking notes connected their frequency, TypingAid tin accommodate to your penning style arsenic you usage it. The much you usage it, nan much intuitive and personalized its suggestions will become.

What's not to for illustration astir this free measurement to constitute faster, better, and much effortlessly?

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