How to Close Your Apple Watch Activity Rings Each Day

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When nan Apple Watch was first released successful 2015, Apple introduced colorful activity rings that instantly made nan innovative smartwatch celebrated arsenic a fittingness tracker.

While they will beryllium acquainted to Apple users, if you’re caller to Apple Fitness aliases reasoning of purchasing an Apple Watch, it will beryllium adjuvant for you to understand much astir activity rings. What are they really recording, and really do you “close your rings” each day? We return a person look.

What Is Meant by Apple Watch Activity Rings?

Activity extremity rings connected a fittingness watch

Activity rings are what you spot erstwhile you unfastened nan Activity app connected your Apple Watch. There are 3 rings, and each 1 measures a circumstantial type of activity.

  • Move: nan reddish ringing astatine nan extracurricular of nan circle shows really galore progressive calories you person burned that day.
  • Exercise: nan greenish ringing successful nan halfway indicates really galore minutes of workout you person done.
  • Stand: nan bluish soul ringing shows really often you person stood and moved astir during nan day.

The extremity for each personification is simply to adjacent nan 3 rings by nan extremity of nan day. The rings reset, fresh for nan adjacent day, truthful you tin effort to adjacent them each complete again.

How Do You Close nan Activity Rings Each Day?

Here's really to adjacent each activity ringing connected your Apple Watch.


The Move target indicates that you’re surviving an progressive life since it tracks nan progressive calories you pain done activity of immoderate kind. Remaining progressive passim nan time is basal to surviving a patient lifestyle.

Walking astir astatine work, cleaning, gardening, playing pinch nan kids—anything you do that involves activity contributes towards nan target and will thief you adjacent nan Move ringing daily.


Of course, workout is simply a cardinal constituent of staying healthy. You should purpose to execute astatine slightest 30 minutes of brisk activity that raises your bosom complaint each day, and your Apple Watch workout ringing will thief you to grounds your advancement towards this target.

Many of nan champion fitness and workout apps sync pinch your Apple Watch, truthful immoderate workout automatically contributes towards gathering this target.

Alternatively, you tin commencement an activity from nan Workout app connected your Apple Watch to way your walk, run, swim, aliases spot training.


Sitting excessively overmuch is not bully for your health. And truthful nan measurement to adjacent your Stand ringing is simply to get up and move astir for astatine slightest 1 infinitesimal successful each hour, for 12 different hours during nan day. You’ll adjacent this ringing without moreover noticing if you're progressive passim nan day. But if you unrecorded a much sedentary manner aliases activity astatine a table each day, you’ll request to get up and move astir regularly.

Your Apple Watch will springiness you a gentle nudge connected nan wrist to punctual you to guidelines erstwhile location are 10 minutes near successful nan hr and you haven’t earned your guidelines minute. This is nan only ringing you tin cheat connected a little, arsenic waving your limb successful nan aerial seems to fool your watch rather easy into reasoning you’re standing. That’s not recommended practice, of course!

How Can You Achieve Rewards by Meeting Your Targets?

Closing your rings each time generates a satisfying small animation connected your Apple Watch. And erstwhile you meet each your targets for a week aliases period aliases execute individual bests successful immoderate of nan activity areas, you’ll person integer awards.

You tin position your awards anytime successful your iPhone’s Fitness app. There are typical rewards to people typical events and seasons. If you’re emotion competitive, you tin stock your activity ringing advancement pinch your friends and family and moreover situation them to a seven-day title to spot who tin adjacent nan largest percent of their rings.

Apple Watch fittingness challenge Image credit: Apple

How Can You Adjust Your Apple Watch Activity Goals?

When you first group up your Apple Watch Activity app, you’ll beryllium prompted to group Move, Exercise, and Stand goals. The app will regularly counsel you to revise these and propose recommended targets based connected your erstwhile week’s activity.

However, you tin set your targets very easy astatine immoderate time, correct from your Apple Watch:

  1. Open nan Activity app connected your Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll to nan bottommost of nan Home page and pat Change Goals
  3. Adjust nan Move extremity utilizing nan positive and minus symbols and pat Next
  4. Repeat this for nan Exercise and Stand goals.
  5. Hit Done, and you’re fresh to go.
Apple Watch set Move activity goal

This is simply a useful hole to thief pinch your activity rings if you’re connected vacation and want to easiness disconnected for a fewer days. It’s besides adjuvant if you’re ill, injured, aliases request a break for immoderate different reason. The Gentler Streak iOS app is simply a third-party app that incorporates remainder days and betterment workouts into your fittingness schedule if you want further guidance.

Stay Active With Apple’s Activity Rings

Closing your Move, Exercise, and Stand rings regular is simply a elemental measurement to unrecorded a healthier lifestyle. And if you usage an Apple Watch look that features your activity either arsenic a characteristic aliases a complication, you’ll beryllium alert of your advancement astatine a glimpse whenever you look astatine your watch. It’s 1 of nan champion features of your Apple Watch, and you’ll soon wonderment really you did without it.

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