How to Fix the Xbox Game Pass 0x800700e9 Error in Windows 10 & 11

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The Xbox Game Pass is simply a celebrated Microsoft subscription work for games. However, immoderate users brushwood a 0x800700e9 correction erstwhile they effort to download and instal Xbox Game Pass titles via nan Xbox app aliases Microsoft Store. The 0x800700e9 correction codification connection says “Something unexpected happened,” which provides nary hint arsenic to really to resoluteness that issue.

Users can’t download and instal Xbox Game Pass contented because of correction 0x800700e9. However, you tin hole correction 0x800700e9 pinch these imaginable resolutions.

1. Run nan Microsoft Store App Troubleshooter

The Windows Store App troubleshooter mightiness thief hole nan correction 0x800700e9. This is really you tin entree nan Windows Store App troubleshooter successful Windows 11:

  1. Use 1 of nan galore ways to motorboat nan Settings app.
  2. Click nan Troubleshoot container that has a spanner icon.
  3. Next, click Other-troubleshooters to entree nan Settings app’s database of troubleshooting tools.
  4. Select Run for activating nan Windows Store Apps.
    The Run fastener for nan Windows Store Apps troubleshooter
  5. Apply immoderate suggestions nan troubleshooter provides.

The Windows 10 troubleshooters are disposable wrong nan Update & Security class of Settings. Click nan Troubleshoot tab successful that class and prime Additional troubleshooters. Then you tin prime Windows Store Apps from location and click Run to entree nan tool.

2. Turn Delivery Optimization On successful Settings

Delivery Optimization is simply a work that enables Windows Update downloads from different PCs. Error 0x800700e9 often arises erstwhile Delivery Optimization is abnormal successful Windows. You tin move connected Delivery Optimization via Settings for illustration this:

  1. Open nan Windows Update tab successful Settings.
  2. Click Advanced options to position much settings.
  3. Select nan Delivery Optimization navigation option.
    The Delivery Optimization navigation action
  4. Turn connected nan Allow downloads from different PCs action to alteration Delivery Optimization.
    The Allow downloads from different PCs action
  5. Click nan Devices connected my section network power button.

You tin alteration Delivery Optimization successful Windows 10’s Settings app overmuch nan same. However, you’ll request to prime nan Windows Update category. Then click nan Deliver Optimization tab successful nan Windows Update class to entree and move connected nan aforesaid Allow downloads from different PCs setting.

3. Enable nan Delivery Optimization and BITS Services

Some Xbox Game Pass users person resolved correction 0x800700e9 by enabling and moving nan Delivery Optimization and BITS services. You tin alteration and commencement those services via that app arsenic follows:

  1. To entree Run, property Win + R.
  2. Type services.msc wrong Run’s Open bid box.
  3. Select OK to unfastened Services.
  4. Double-click nan Delivery Optimization service.
    The Services model
  5. Select Start if it’s not running.
  6. Click Automatic connected Delivery Optimization’s Startup type menu.
    The Delivery Optimization Properties model
  7. Select Apply > OK to prevention nan service’s caller settings.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for nan Background Intelligent Transfer service.

If nan services are already running, effort restarting them. Right-click nan services and prime their Stop options. Then you tin commencement those services again by right-clicking them and selecting Restart.

4. Enable Delivery Optimization via nan Windows Registry

If nan supra methods didn't activity for you, effort enabling Delivery Optimization work by editing nan registry. You tin backmost up nan registry aliases group up a reconstruct constituent earlier editing nan registry if you want to beryllium other careful. To use this imaginable solution, edit nan DoSvc cardinal for illustration this:

  1. First, bring up Registry Editor, which you tin unfastened pinch 1 of nan methods successful our guideline connected how to unfastened Regedit.
  2. Click wrong nan reside barroom astatine nan apical of Registry Editor and erase nan existent cardinal location.
  3. Input this DoSvc cardinal location successful nan reside barroom and deed Return: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DoSvc
    The DoSvc cardinal
  4. Select nan DoSvc key, and right-click nan Start DWORD to prime Modify.
    The Modify action
  5. Input 3 successful nan Value container and click OK.
    The Edit DWORD model
  6. Exit Regedit, and restart nan PC.

5. Reset aliases Repair nan Xbox App

Many users spell done nan Xbox app to get astatine their Xbox Game Pass titles connected Windows. As such, you mightiness beryllium capable to hole correction 0x800700e9 by selecting Reset and Repair options for nan Xbox app wrong Settings.

Check retired our guideline connected resetting apps successful Windows 11 and 10 to clear nan Xbox app’s data. The Repair action for nan Xbox app successful Settings is disposable conscionable supra its Reset button.

The Reset action for nan Xbox app

6. Reset nan Microsoft Store Cache

A corrupted Microsoft Store cache information tin origin download and installation issues to originate for apps disposable connected Microsoft’s online store. So, resetting nan Store’s cache could beryllium different imaginable solution for nan 0x800700e9 error. Try resetting Microsoft Store’s cache successful nan pursuing steps:

  1. Bring up nan Windows Search by clicking nan magnifying solid aliases Search container connected your taskbar.
  2. Type WSReset.exe wrong nan hunt container to find that Run bid file.
  3. Click WSReset.exe to tally nan command.
    The wsreset.exe Run command
  4. Wait for MS Store to unfastened automatically, and past effort downloading Xbox Game Pass titles again.

7. Reinstall nan Microsoft Store

Reinstalling nan Microsoft Store tin hole deeper issues pinch that app that could beryllium causing correction 0x800700e9. Although you can’t prime to uninstall Microsoft Store, you tin still reinstall that app pinch a PowerShell command. Here are nan steps for reinstalling nan Microsoft Store via PowerShell:

  1. Bring up Run pinch nan Win + R keyboard shortcut, and input PowerShell wrong nan matter box.
  2. Right-click PowerShell to bring up a discourse menu, and prime nan Run arsenic administrator option.
  3. Execute this PowerShell bid for reinstalling Microsoft Store: Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}
    The reinstall Microsoft Store bid
  4. Wait for nan bid to finish, and past exit nan bid app.

8. Reset Your Network

The Network reset action

Error 0x800700e9 tin besides sometimes hap because of web issues. Performing a web reset is simply a bully measurement to troubleshoot issues successful this area; however, do statement that this will reconstruct your web components to their mill defaults and erase your Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.

Have a look astatine our how to reset your web settings connected Windows guideline for specifications astir really to use this troubleshooting method.

Enjoy Your Xbox Game Pass Games Again

Fortunately, you don’t person to cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription because of correction 0x800700e9. A batch of users person fixed this installation rumor for Xbox Game Pass titles pinch nan resolutions successful this guide.

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