How to Order and Use the Payoneer Debit Card

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Payoneer is simply a celebrated online costs system. But did you cognize that it offers a debit card, too? Here's really to bid 1 and usage it.

Payoneer is simply a celebrated online payments system. But you tin besides bid either a beingness paper aliases a virtual paper for your account. With a beingness Payoneer debit card, you tin entree your rate from a section ATM, aliases usage it arsenic a normal card.

If you want to usage your paper for only online payments and purchases, you tin bid a virtual Payoneer MasterCard alternatively and person it instantly. We’ll show you really to get 1 delivered to your doorstep and really to entree your costs pinch it.

How to Order a Payoneer MasterCard

As a verified Payoneer relationship holder, you're eligible for 1 paper per rate successful your account. Follow these steps to person your debit card:

  1. Sign successful to your Payoneer relationship connected your browser.
  2. Navigate to Banks & cards connected nan near sidebar.
  3. Click nan Payoneer cards tab.
    Payoneer banks and cards options
  4. Click Order a card nether Current cards.
  5. Select Physical paper - transportation via shipping for a beingness debit card.
  6. Choose Virtual paper - get it correct now! if you want a virtual paper for making online payments.
  7. Select your preferred rate and click nan Next button.
  8. Fill successful each nan requested specifications nether Shipping address and click nan Order Card button.
  9. Depending connected your location, you should person your Payoneer debit paper wrong astir 14 days.
    Payoneer MasterCard beingness message delivery
  10. Login into your Payoneer relationship and travel nan fixed instructions to activate your paper erstwhile you person it.

Once you've received your paper and activated it, you tin statesman utilizing it conscionable for illustration immoderate different debit card.

How nan Payoneer MasterCard Works

The beingness Payoneer MasterCard useful for illustration immoderate different bank-issued debit card, arsenic agelong arsenic you usage it astatine locations that judge MasterCard. The virtual paper would besides beryllium an action if you don't intend to make immoderate ATM withdrawals from your account. Both cards are as unafraid arsenic your Payoneer account, truthful location are nary information concerns if you determine to get either.

Loading costs connected your paper from your Payoneer relationship is easy—go to Banks & cards > Payoneer cards > Top up and toggle nan move on. You tin apical up to a maximum of $10,000 aliases its balanced successful your rate from your Payoneer relationship balance. Automatic loading will hap erstwhile per hr until you scope nan customizable maximum.

Loading money connected Payoneer MasterCard

Please statement that there’s an annual complaint connected your card that’ll beryllium automatically deducted from your balance, alongside a mini interest per transaction. It’s besides worthy noting that nan Payoneer MasterCard doesn’t activity connected online gambling sites.

Transact With nan Payoneer MasterCard

If you get paid done your Payoneer account, you tin skip nan three-day hold play to person nan money successful your slope if you person a Payoneer MasterCard.

You tin instantly retreat rate from your section ATM arsenic soon arsenic it’s disposable successful your account. The paper will besides let you to make online payments pinch your Payoneer equilibrium arsenic soon arsenic it’s available. And if you want to make judge things are secure, you tin alteration further authentication successful your account.

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