How to Safely Uninstall VirtualBox From a Mac

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If you want to uninstall VirtualBox from your Mac, this guideline will thief you out.

macbook pro connected a guidelines pinch nan VirtualBox uninstaller connected screen

It is not astonishing that astir group take Oracle VirtualBox erstwhile they deliberation astir virtualization connected Mac. This free virtualization app is simply a awesome starting constituent if you want to create virtual machines that smoothly tally connected your MacBook, iMac, aliases Mac mini.

But arsenic you move forward, you whitethorn request precocious options for illustration VMWare aliases Parallels Desktop. It besides intends you nary longer request VirtualBox and VMs taking up retention space. So, it’s clip to safely region nan app and VM information from your Mac.

Here is simply a speedy guideline to thief you do it.

How to Uninstall VirtualBox connected macOS

You tin usage 2 methods to uninstall VirtualBox from your Mac: charismatic and manual.

1. Uninstall VirtualBox utilizing nan VirtualBox Uninstaller Tool

It is nan charismatic method to region Oracle VirtualBox and associated files from your Mac. This method uses nan VirtualBox Uninstaller Tool included successful nan installation package you utilized to install VirtualBox connected your Mac successful nan first place.

  1. Open nan VirtualBox installer DMG file. If you person deleted nan DMG file, download it again from nan VirtualBox Downloads page.
  2. Double-click nan DMG record to unfastened it.
    double click nan uninstaller tool-1
  3. After your Mac mounts nan DMG file, double-click VirtualBox_Uninstaller.tool.
  4. You whitethorn person to supply your Mac’s password earlier nan Terminal model opens.
    terminal uninstaller instructions-1
  5. As you tin spot connected nan Terminal window, nan Uninstaller inferior will region nan VirtualBox app and associated files from aggregate directories.
  6. Type Yes connected nan Terminal model and property Enter.
  7. You whitethorn person to supply nan administrator password if asked.
    uninstall process completed
  8. In a fewer seconds, nan Uninstaller Tool will complete nan removal process and show you a "Process completed" message.

It intends nan instrumentality has successfully uninstalled VirtualBox from your Mac. More importantly, you do not person to interest astir residual files. In astir cases, this method useful for illustration a charm; but if it does not, you tin cheque retired nan manual method.

2. Uninstall VirtualBox connected Mac Using nan Manual Method

You tin effort this method if nan automated Uninstaller Tool does not activity arsenic expected. However, arsenic you tin guess, this method requires much clip to region room files and residual files. To region nan VirtualBox app from nan Application Folder:

  1. First, make judge that you person quit nan VirtualBox app.
  2. Open nan Applications files connected your Mac and find nan VirtualBox app.
  3. Right-click nan app and prime Move to Bin.
    remove virtualbox from applications
  4. Go to Bin and region nan app from there:

To region Library/Residual files:

  1. Open Finder and navigate to Macintosh HD > Library.
  2. Find nan pursuing folders/files and delete them:



~/Library/Saved Application State/


~/Library/Saved Application State/

Now, you tin region these files from your Bin.

Yay! You person successfully removed everything related to VirtualBox from your Mac. You tin besides usage 1 of nan Mac cleaner apps to do this occupation for you.

We urge utilizing a dedicated third-party app if you consciousness anxious astir dealing pinch strategy files. But remainder assured, removing nan files/folders we person listed supra does not origin immoderate system-level issues.

Next Steps pinch Virtual Machines

Now that you person removed each trace of VirtualBox from your Mac, you tin effort different virtualization devices for Mac. But it is captious to fig retired which virtual instrumentality package useful champion for your needs. You whitethorn besides person to see nan pros and cons of moving a virtual instrumentality connected your Mac.

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