How to Uninstall Norton Security or Norton 360 From a Mac

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Installing Norton from your Mac doesn't person to beryllium difficult. This article shows you really to do it.

A personification utilizing a MacBook.

Although Norton is simply a celebrated anti-malware solution for nan Mac, it tin extremity up taxing strategy resources and adversely effect performance. If you nary longer request antivirus protection aliases want to effort a different antivirus program, you must region Norton from your computer.

Let's cheque retired what you must do to uninstall Norton Security, Norton Antivirus, aliases Norton 360 from your Mac computer.

How to Uninstall Norton From a Mac

Uninstalling Norton from a Mac is highly straightforward. You conscionable request to move nan antivirus inferior from nan macOS Applications folder into nan Trash, and past travel nan onscreen prompts of nan Norton Uninstaller. It does a awesome occupation and clears everything Norton-related.

To uninstall Norton from your Mac:

  1. Open Finder and prime Applications connected nan sidebar.
  2. Control-click Norton and prime Move to Trash.
  3. On nan Norton Uninstall inferior that shows up, prime Continue.
  4. Enter your personification relationship password aliases authenticate yourself utilizing Touch ID.
  5. Select Uninstall connected nan Norton uninstaller.
  6. Enter your Mac personification relationship password again and prime Install Helper.
  7. Select Restart Now.
The Norton Security Uninstall instrumentality connected a Mac desktop.

Your Mac should restart automatically, and nan Norton AntiVirus, Norton Security, aliases Norton 360 installation should nary longer beryllium present. Look astatine these top free information utilities for macOS if you're searching for alternatives.

How to Remove Norton Leftovers

Usually, a Norton uninstallation connected nan Mac is thorough and leaves thing behind. However, if you want to beryllium sure, here's what you must do to guarantee that location are nary leftover files and folders.

To do that, unfastened a Finder model and prime Go > Go to Folder on nan paper bar. Then, sojourn nan folders below:

  • ~/Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Caches
  • ~/Library/Container
  • ~/Library/Preferences
  • /Library/Application Support/
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/

Drag immoderate Norton-related files aliases folders wrong each directory into your Mac's Trash. Use nan Search usability successful nan top-right area of nan Finder model to hunt for items pinch nan sanction Norton.

Uninstall Norton From a Mac

As you conscionable saw, removing Norton from your Mac is easy. However, don't hide to cancel your Norton subscription aliases proceedings if you don't usage it anyplace else. You will proceed to get billed otherwise.

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